i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 6
event and carnival

it was wednesday afternoon and i was in the shower since it was so hot. i hear my phone ringing and started to get out but decided to just call them back. i get back to my shower and i heard my phone ringing again. i shut off the water and started to head out. once i heard the ringtone, i decided to ignore it. it was justin calling. i went back to the shower forgot about justin calling. i really didn't want to talk to him. he kept calling but i still didn't answer. i forgot about him calling for a while and went on with my business. a minute later, i remembered justin was calling me so i listened if my phone was still ringing. it wasn't. unfortunately, i jinxed it. he started calling. i had enough so i stopped my shower short and went to see why justin was calling me a million times. i got to my room and looked at my phone. 26 missed calls? wtf? i called him back to see what was wrong. it didn't take him that long for him to answer. he answered after the first ring.

justin: finally you called back.

me: i was taking a shower. it's not my fault i wanna be clean.

justin: oh.

me: so what do you want?

justin: why are you being such a bxtch for?

me: why the fxck are you calling me a bxtch?

justin: okay sorry. can you do me a favor?

me: like what?

justin: can you come with me somewhere?

me: but where?

justin: i'll tell you when i pick you up.

me: hmmm, fine whatever.

justin: thanks.

    40 minutes later, justin's honking the horn telling me to get out. i was wearing a white shirt with a pink plaid vest and shorts. since justin's down here all famous, i've been getting picked up in a limo but today was different. justin was driving a 2008 bmw m3. i wanted to just hug him `cause i was gonna be seen a hot ass car but slap him for being a rich bxtch and being just a dick to me.
    i jumped into the passenger seat. justin's looking at me with a weird smile on his face like he's about to kill me. i push his face and he starts laughing. he's so weird.

me: where are you gonna take me?

justin: you wanna go event?

me: there's one today?

justin: yeah and i wanna go.

me: you know that you're gonna be drowned with fans right?

justin: yeah, that's why i got my diguise.

me: sure.

    an event is this thing we have in hawaii hosted by funky4corners. usually a lot of breakers and taggers come and show off their skills.
    we head over to the filipino community center [filcom] and we see the long ass line waiting to get inside. before justin started making songs, he was really into break dancing. he tried learning how but when he broke his arm, he stopped. while in the hospital, he always got bored so her started writing poems. later on, it became songs. justin started changing into his stupid diguise. he wore the same exact thing he wore when we went shopping for byran's party. he headed for the line and all eyes went on us. they were probably wondering why a geek like justin be at a place like this.

me: why couldn't you come up with another diguise?

justin: as what? a girl?

me: that would probably be less eyes on us.

    justin started to say something but we heard his name behind us. we turned around and it was sir styles. he's part of funky4corners. he was signaling us to come inside. we can tell people were getting mad that we got to go inside first without paying. sir styles was justin's old mentor when justin was learning how to break.

justin: how'd you recognized me?

sir styles: your ear rings.

    we head inside and it was still empty. i guess they were still setting up. they did a sound check and decided to let justin do it. he sang "everytime" and you can here people outside assuming justin was here to perform or something. once the door opened, they kinda expected shiny up on stage but they didn't find him. justin pulled me into the back where it was empty and quiet from the loud music from outside. he sat me down on the couch and grabbed my hand. my heart started pounding because i didn't know what he was gonna do.

justin: i need to talk to you.

me: okay?

justin: well i met this girl melanie.

    oh, that. i already know justin. i bet you even fxcked her already. i can tell. are you guys still going out or was she just a fxckin` groupie?

justin: we've been going out for the past five days.

    justin, i know everything. steven told me. you met her that the bus stop since you didn't feel like riding the limo.

justin: but we just broke up this morning. that's why i was being such a dick earlier. i was pissed off. i'm sorry.

me: oh okay.

justin: yeah, that's all i wanted to tell you since i tell you everything.

me: yeah, okay.

    justin's face shot up a smile and we head back outside. they already started the battle and up first was crew abc123 versus crown royal. they were a bunch of newbies since it was working from newbies to pros. i have a habit of checking out the breakers `cause it turns me on. i started looking at abc123, they were okay. once i got to crown royal, they started looking familar. i had to think super ass hard to remember where i've seen them but when i saw my brother, byran yelling in the crowd, i knew who they were. those were byran's friends. surprisingly, i saw kayden on stage. my heart jumped. i didn't know he was a breaker.

justin: isn't that kayden?

me: haha, yeah.

justin: did he tell you he was a breaker?

me: no, did he tell you?

justin: no.

me: this is a nice surprise.

    the music started and crown royal started the battle. they started doing all backflips, fly & rolls, butterfly kicks and headspins. the crowd started going wild. i was watching byran the whole time and he was yelling and jumping acting like he was on stage with them. it was so hilarious. the battles only last for 3 minutes and since crown royal had the stage practically the whole time, they won. since it was their first battle, they were on the stage jumping up and down cheering for the longest time. th emcee finally told them to get off for the next round and to celebrate somewhere else. they were getting off the stage and i can see kayden looking around. i tried to hide behind justin but too late. kayden smiled when he spotted me. i just smiled at him.

justin: what's wrong with you?

me: i don't wanna talk to kayden.

justin: why not?

me: remember what happened when i last saw him?

justin: oh yeah. maybe he's over it.

me: but i'm scared.

    i looked at justin and all he can do was smile. i thought he was just smiling to make me feel better but when i feel a hug from behind me, i just wanted to grab justin and be safe in his arms. but i couldn't, the person behind me spun me around and it was kayden.

kayden: long time no see.

    he smiles at me as he does that handshake that guys do with justin. justin was patting him on his back.

justin: you can sing, you can dance, what else can you do?

kayden: i can fly.

    it's weird how justin is protecting me from guys but acts all nice. what a two-faced bxtch. i started looking around and i spotted stacey and zaileen. it's cool how us three are. we have the same mind `cause they spotted me right after. they walked toward us and i seriously wanted to hug them for saving me.

me: i love you guys.

both: i love you too?

me: you guys didn't tell me you guys were coming.

stacey: me too until justin forced us to come.

me: what a loser. he had to force people to go cruising with him.

justin: steven had work and jeremy was with kat. i didn't want to make them come.

me: you made us come.

    kayden interupted us squeezing into the circle. i looked at justin and he made that "wtf" face. i just shook my head at him.

kayden: mai, we're having a party at my house. wanna come?

    i looked at everyone's faces and i knew what they were thinking. i knew what i had to say.

me: uhh, i don't think that's a good idea. my brother's gonna be there.

    thank god i had byran to use as an excuse.

kayden: oh yeah. well okay, next time then.

    i nodded my head and he smiled. his friends started to call him telling him that they were gonna leave. he leaned in to kiss my cheek but i dodged it. his face turned red and just smiled it off. he just hugged me and left.

kayden: bye mai.

    it was stupid how justin was acted. he stopped kayden to tell him the stupidest thing.

justin: bro, only i can call her mai. got it?

kayden: yeah, no probs. sorry bro.

    justin shook his head and kayden started walking away. justin's eyes met with mine and i just shook my head. i didn't know what was going on with him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    the 50th state fair was in town so we decided to have all girls plus justin night. there was me, stacey, zaileen and maria with justin. this night, we decided we didn't need the disguise. it was gonna be in the dark so justin just wore a hat plus a hoodie with the hood up. i love it when he did that `cause it made him look so mysterious. we rode in a limo which i hated because once we got out, i can tell people were thinking "oh, they're not famous."
    we got to the front off the line and i can see groups of girls TRYING to check out justin. it was kinda funny because they kept walking back and forth, and making like they were looking behind us. after a few tries, they gave up when we got inside and all we could do was laugh.

justin: i wonder if they probably think i'm a girl.

me: i don't think you would look good as a girl.

justin: i bet i'll be hotter than you.

me: eww justin. you know how most guys turn gay? they start checking out themselves and start checking out other guys. then feelings start rushing and yeah. that's why majority of gay guys are cute.

justin: and you know this because?

me: internet.

justin: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    idk why but we headed straight for the food first. i think it was because justin just came from the gym, me and stacey just came from work, zaileen went and did some errands and maria came from summer classes since she wants to graduate as a junior. that's why we haven't spent as much time with her so tonight, she managed to get out. me and justin went to get a table as the others went to get food. we found a table and we both sat down next to each other. the first thing he did was grabbed my hand.

me: what are you doing?

    justin starts reading my palm and made like he was drawing pictures on it.

justin: did you know if your lines on your hand makes a letter, the person you will marry will start with that letter?

    i start looking at the lines on my palm and found a "m" on my left hand and an "a" on my right hand.

me: what if it's different letters?

justin: you know how you read from left to right? the name will start like that.

me: so "ma"?

justin: mark, marvin, mavrick, mason.

me: what's on YOUR hand?

    i grab his hand with a big smile on his face. i start looking at his palm and it's the same as mine.

me: is there any girls that even start with "ma"?

justin: there's may......

me: mailyn....

justin: yeah, there's mailyn.

me: there's almost man.

justin: yeah, i can also marry man.

    i start cracking up but justin looked at me like i was stupid. the look his face made me laugh even more. justin's smile turned into a frown as he watched my laugh in face. after i started running out of breath, he caught on. he pushed me lightly but i was still laughing, i almost fell off. once i started coughing, i stopped laughing.

justin: are you okay?

me: yeah.

    justin started patting my back so i can breath better. good thing his hoodie was big. he took a bottle of water from the pocket.

justin: you fxckin` scared me.

me: sorry. it was hilarious though.

justin: oh.

me: so who taught you that thing?

justin: no one. i just made it up. i only did that so i can just hold your hand.

    my eyes lite up with happiness and my mouth grew into a smile as i shook my head. he put his arm around me which felt good. it was cold and he was keeping me warm.

me: you're so stupid.

justin: haha, i know.

    i started moving around so i can find a comfortable spot in his arm. once i found it, i closed my eyes. i can tell he was smiling. i hear him take a deep breath.

justin: you smell good.

me: you're so weird.

justin: i know.

    i almost fell asleep when i heard footsteps. justin woke me up gently and told me that the food was coming. as i rubbed my eyes, justin whispered into my ear.

justin: sorry for last night.

me: it's okay.

    maria and zaileen came with a whole pizza and stacey had fries in a box eating it as she walks to our table.

justin: stacey, hurry up you pig!

stacey: i know i'm a pig. you don't gotta remind me and yell it so loud in public.

justin: okay, i'm sorry.

    stacey finally got to the table and justin grabbed the fries first. justin starts shaking his head and did that "tsk tsk tsk" sound.

zaileen: hurry up and eat you fatty.

justin: shut up. i'm not fat. at least i work out unlike you. hooked on guitar hero so much that you remember the buttons.

maria: can you guys just eat and stop arguing? `cause it's more for me if you don't eat.

    it took a while for us to finish our food. there was arguments that came coming back and forth. especially with justin and zaileen. the rest of us just ate our food. everytime i had to stop them, i would just stuff a slice of pizza into justin's mouth. after he swallowed it, he would go back to arguing with zaileen.
    after we were done eating, we headed for the zipper. me and stacey were in one cage and zaileen was with maria in another. justin stayed on the side as he watched holding our stuff. plus, his hoodie might go down when he gets out since the ride goes upside down so he didn't want to risk it. we got on and the got to the top. it was probably 16 feet up. me and stacey tried rocking the cage trying to make it spin but we couldn't because the ride started. we were twirling around up and down. it felt like i was falling down upside down. my hair was making my nose itchy so i tried to scratch it but i hit my head on the bars `cause of the pressure. me and stacey were screaming our lungs out but we could also hear zaileen and maria. i turned to face justin and i see him talking to guys. i wasn't sure who it was. after five long minutes, the ride finally stop but our cage couldn't stop spinning. it took three guys to make it stop. i can hear people saying "wow, they looked like they had nonstop fun" and "man, so scary. i no like go anymore." once we got out, i almost fell. i was so dizzy. i couldn't walk straight. it looked like we were tipsy. i almost fell but justin managed to catch me. he helped me and stacey up and the other guys helped zaileen and maria. after a while, i was standing straight and i could see clearly. the guys that justin were talking to were steven and jeremy along with joey.

joey: is that how you guys look like when you guys are tipsy?

me: stupid joey.

justin: uhh, the guys wanted me to go cruise with them for a while. is that okay?

    i really didn't want him to go. that's not fair. he came with us so he should stay with us.

steven: or we can go cruising together for a while.

    i just shrugged my shoulders and just whatever-ed them. i couldn't think straight. we headed for other rides. we all wanted to ride the new ride that cost $6 per person and was only there for a few weeks. it was called the freak out. it looks like a big swing that's about a hundred feet with a circle on the bottom where the passengers are. it swings back and forth while the circle is spinning. we decided to ride that. justin paid for our tickets and we got in line. there was a couple waiting in line by us that was basically having dry sex. it was kinda funny because her friend made them stop like she had to watch them. we got on and we practically filled up all the seats but there was about four more seats but the next group didn't want to get on and get separated. the ride started and we started to rise up. even though we weren't swinging yet, zaileen was screaming so loud. we all started laughing at her but when we started swinging, we were screaming our heads off. we swung to the right and i can see the parking lot. we headed down and it looked like we were gonna land on the ground but we swung back around and i saw the food place and it looked like we were gonna hit it. i started getting dizzy so i closed my eyes for a while everythig we went down. i can hear justin next to me laughing. i can tell he was laughing at me. it was finally done and when we tried to get off, it was super hard. we collapsed so the next group had to wait for a while. we calmed down a little but we stayed on the steps. this is how we usually looked like at parties. my mom has to ruin the fun when she called me.

mom: the baby sitter is out sick. be home in an hour.

me: but mom-

mom: i don't care what you say.

me: where's byran?

mom: he's out buying more boxes and he's helping his friend pack up.

me: whatevers then mom.

    i hang up the phone and i see steven by the trash can throwing up. haha, that's how steven looks like at parties.

me: i have to go home you guys. i gotta baby sit.

stacey: i wanna go home too. i'm hella tired.

    i was gonna tell justin that i had to go but he wasn't there. all the guys weren't there. even steven was gone. i decided to call him.

me: where are you? you just disappeared.

justin: i told you that i was gonna go with my boys.

me: justin, you took us here. you were our ride. how are we gonna get home?

justin: just take the lime. i'll tell jeremy to take me home.

me: whatever justin.

    he was starting to piss me off so i just hung up on him. i seriously hate hanging up on him but i didn't want to talk to him.

me: he said we can take the limo.

    we headed for the exit but before we left, i went to get some cotton candy for the twins. as i stood in line, i saw justin but i didn't find jeremy or the others. justin was talking with a bunch of girls.

me: what a bxtch! with jeremy them my ass!

    i got out of line as i started heading my way to justin. i just wanted to smack his face and felt worst than he did after he got off the freak out. too bad my friends pulled me back.

me: he fxckin` lied to me to be with some skanky hoes that wears bathing suits at night to a carnival?! he even showed who he really was.

stacey: just calm down.

    i took a deep breath as maria got the cotton candy, and zaileen and stacey were pulling me towards the exit. we get inside the limo and the driver looked confused.

driver: where's mr. delacruz?

me: he said take the rest of the night off.

    we headed onto the freeway in dead silence. all i could think about was me finding him with those girls. i swear, how can justin fall for those kind of girls? i hate it. i clenched my fist the whole ride. zaileen started smiling and opened her big mouth.

zaileen: mailyn's jealous.

me: shut up.

check out funky4corners or f4c on youtube.


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