i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 5
kayden's bad side

it's been a week since byran's party. byran's been staying home a lot lately packing up for college in colorado. i've been going out more than he does now that i met kayden. he's such a cool guy but my brother doesn't know yet. i think i'm gonna tell him at his good-bye dinner in a month. i was about to finish my shift at work when i saw kathleen walking towards me.

kathleen: there's this cute guy that wants to talk to you. yuck, why would he want to talk to you?

    i just ignored her and wondered who was outside. as i headed outside, i knew who it was. it might be byran. i get a lot of comments from a lot of girls about how cute byran is. once i got outside, my guess was pretty close-it was kayden.

kayden: that kathleen girl made the weirdest face when i said your name.

me: how do you know her name?

kayden: uhhh, her name tag.

    something was wrong with him. he said that like i was fxckin` stupid. i was having a cranky day. i had my period, i didn't have enough sleep, i was late to school, it's stacey's day-off, and now kayden's being a dick.

me: why are you here?

kayden: aren't you done with your shift?

me: uhh, yeah. i was just about to clock out.

    i couldn't help but just make like he's stupid too. he looked at me with hurt but anger in his eyes so i just wanted to walk away and calm down. i guess he was having a cranky day also `cause he grabbed my arm and spun me around. i lifted my arm to slap his hand away but jimmy, one of my co-workers came by and asked if everything was okay.

me: don't worry. it's just a friend asking if i needed a ride.

    i head for the back to clock out. i stayed for a few minutes to calm down. i started balling my eyes out because i was so mad. kathleen passed by and said something but i just ignored it again. i wiped away my tears and washed my face. i head out outside and i see that kayden was waiting for me. he had a hello kitty lollipop in his hand and handed it to me.

kayden: sorry for being a dick.

me: sorry for being a bxtch.

    he hugs me but for some reason, tears start bursting out. at first, he thought i was faking it but when i couldn't stop crying, he knew i was for real.

kayden: are you okay? why are you crying?

me: i don't know.

    i seriously didn't know why i was crying. maybe it's just a mood swing from my period. whatever it was, it felt good being in his arms.

kayden: come, let's go get something to eat.

    we head outside through the slow moving crowds. today was sunday and there's always sales. he got into the surprisingly not so crowded parking lot and head for his car. once we spot out the black honda civic, i took his keys from his hands and start running. he chases me grabbing me from behind and starts blowing on my neck. that's my tickle spot and ever since he found out, he's been doing that as much as he can.
    we jump into the car and turned out the radio. the song kayden was in with justin, jeremy and steven, "my feelings" start blasting.

me: you love that song don't you?

kayden: my friends were wondering who sang this song. they never like believe me.

me: oh.

kayden: i can't thank you enough for introducing me to all three of them. i mean, even though jeremy and steven didn't make it to the good life, people know who they are.

me: haha, and i can't welcome you enough for that.

    he looks at the time and i can hear his stomach growling has i turn down the music. it was 5:25PM.

kayden: you want a early dinner?

me: hell yeah. i didn't eat yet.

    we head to anna millers on the other side of pearlridge. the whole time we acted like we didn't have that small arguement earlier. it took us a while to eat dinner since we were really hungry. after dinner, we still had room for desert. we both shared a banana split and had a brownie each. after that, we got so hyper. i didn't understand half the words i was saying. after anna millers, i was staring at jamba juice as we head to the car. he was talking to me but i wasn't paying attention. i guess he noticed since i didn't respond to his question. he turned around and saw me staring at jama juice. he grabbed my hand and took me to jamba juice.

kayden: white gummy?

me: how'd you know?

kayden: you know how your brother used to bring you home jamba juice? he used to make us get it.

me: oh.

    kayden stayed in the long line and bought me my jamba juice. he didn't even buy himself one.

me: i'll pay you back later.

kayden: why would you pay me back?

me: you picked me up from work, you treated me a big dinner and i could at least pay you back for my jamba juice.

kayden: you can pay me back later but not with money.

me: what then?

    my heart started pounding. please don't let it be sex. if justin's right then he's gonna kill him and me after. he warned me but i actually didn't listen to him.

kayden: no worries.

    he smiled and wink at me as he opened the door for me. he started heading for his car but i sat down by the tables in front of jamba juice. he started talking to himself think i'm next to him but turned around and found me sitting down. he made that "omg" face and ran next to me.

kayden: why are you sitting down?

me: i don't wanna go home yet.

kayden: why not?

me: i don't wanna see byran's face. everytime i see him, his face makes me cry.

kayden: you're so mean.

me: i don't mean it in a bad way. i meant that he's gonna be leaving soon and yeah.

kayden: oh.

me: plus you're leaving too so yeah.

kayden: oh.

    next to jamba juice is curcuit city. here comes out a group of girls that are the type of girls that i wouldn't like wearing slutty tops that show their size 32A bra sizes and shorts that shows their flat asses. this girl wearing a blue low v-neck hoodie and a white skirt holding a dvd had the worst eye problem when they got out but stopped when her friends started talking.

friend #1: why'd you buy the dvd? we're already reading the book in school.

eye-problem girl: i don't like reading.

friend #2: but reading makes you smart.

friend #1: are you calling her stupid?

    they had already passed up and i couldn't help but laugh and talk behind their backs.

me: reading doesn't make you smart, it expands your vocabulary.

    kayden bursts out laughing. i don't know why he gotta laugh for.

me: why the hell are you laughing?

kayden: no `cause it was funny what you just did.

me: i wish they heard but oh well.

kayden: you mean.

    i go back to my jamba juice as kayden watches me. he was about to say something when we heard music blasting. here comes this sexy ass car full of guys staring at me. they had an eye-problem but i didn't mind. once they passed by me, their heads were still following me to the point where they had to stick they're heads out the window. what the heck, i'll wave. when i did, i can see them smiling so they started waving back. i started cracking up. the sexy car was gone and on the road and i couldn't help but smile and went back to my jamba juice. i looked up and i see kayden staring at me. i just knew what was gonna happen.

kayden: what was that?

me: can't i just have fun?

kayden: aren't having fun with me?

me: why are you getting so mad? i just waved.

kayden: what if they got the wrong idea and think you were interested in them?

    ironically, the sexy car came back around. they started beeping at me. i don't think they see kayden next to me. they did the same thing with their heads following me but they waved first so to be nice, i waved back. i knew that kayden was pissed. again, the car was gone.

kayden: again? why won't you just be a fxckin` whore on the corner already?

me: wtf? why are you acting like this?

kayden: you're acting like a fxckin` whore waving to random guys.

me: it's just who i am. you're a guy. you'll probably think you don't have game if a girl doesn't wave back when you do it.

kayden: fxck, i don't even know why we're fxckin` fighting.

me: you started it.

    kayden stands up and grabs my jamba juice as i'm taking a sip and throws it into the trash can. he starts walking away and busts out his keys.

kayden: find your own ride home.

    he gets into his car and drives off leaving me. my eyes start forming waterfalls before i know it. the drop of water falls onto my lap thinking it was just a teardrop but when i feel another waterdrop on my head, i knew it was going to rain. it starts drizzling and it forms into pouring rain. i head into curuit city as i call byran.

me: byran, i'm at circuit city. can you pick me up? i need to talk to you.


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