i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 4

the party was almost over and it was 4 o`clock in the morning. majority had left and the lonely people left were me, stacey, zaileen, my parents, byran and some of his friends.

me: omg, i'm so fxckin` tired. i can't wait until we go upstairs and go to sleep!

    we were sitting on a table and i looked over to the two. i found their heads on the table sleeping with their drool dripping out. man, i was talking to myself for these past two minutes. i elbowed them to wake them up so we can go upstairs. it took them a while for them to get up but once they got up, they hurried to get onto a bed. while we walked upstairs, we passed by byran and his friends. i could see kayden shaking everyone's hands and stuff. we got to the door but i could hear someone walking behind us. i turn around to see kayden.

kayden: i just wanna say goodnight and bye.

me: okay, goodnight and bye.

    stacey and zaileen were leaning on me so i knew that we should really get going.

me: well i'll see you around before byran moves out.

kayden: do you want me to walk you guys up to your room? looks like you need help.

    i looked at stacey and zaileen to see that they're sleeping on my shoulders. i poke them and they both start tilting over. good thing kayden's here to catch them. i guess i needed it.

me: sure.

    kayden holds zaileen as i carried stacey. it was kinda hard to get her upstairs but kayden had no trouble getting zaileen up. when we got in the room, stacey and zaileen colapsed onto the beds and went straight to sleep.

me: that's for helping.

kayden: like i said, i looked like you needed it.

    he was about to head out but i noticed that he's been rubbing his shoulders. he probalby had a cramp or pulled something. i took his arm and stopped him from leaving.

me: is something wrong with your shoulders?

kayden: not really. just sore.

    i pull him onto the balcony and sat him down. i started massaging his shoulders.

me: it's a thanks for helping me.

kayden: hawh, that feels good. do you massage people a lot?

me: not really. just my friend, clarence.

kayden: then he's a lucky guy.

me: sure?

kayden: you should become a masuse or a massage therapist.

me: nah.

kayden: so how was your night?

me: it was fun. as you can see, my friends are knocked out.

kayden: cool cool. that's mean how you guys are close with shiny! his songs are baaaad!

me: oh, yeah.

kayden: when byran told me he got shiny to perform, i never like believe `em.

me: did you meet him?

kayden: no.

me: he was probably busy with his girlfriend. wanna meet him?

kayden: for real kine?

me: yeah. he's one of my best friends. he would do anything for me.

kayden: how about tonight?

me: i'll ask him.

kayden: we can go car cruising.

me: sure.

kayden: okay.

    i stopped massaging him and stood in front of him looking at the view. it was so beautiful. he got up and stood next to me joining me looking at the view. he yawned and sat back down pulling me onto his lap. he started blowing into my ear which tickled. he stopped and leaned in to kiss me but stopped. he smiled at me and started whispering in my ear.

kayden: thanks for making my dreams come true.

me: introducing you to justin?

kayden: no, something else.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

the next morning was kinda awkward. it was 10 o`clock AM and all i could hear was girls screaming and a guy laughing. my eyes open and the first thing i see was kayden. i was still on his lap from last night. we probably fell asleep while talking. i woke him up to get up.

me: are you gonna get in trouble from your parents?

kayden: no way. they said if i was gonna stay out late to just sleepover someone's house.

me: oh okay.
    we walked inside and found stacey, zaileen and justin on the bed. they were watching "scar" on the tv. they showed a clip of someone trying to break dance but they didn't land the air chair and his arm bent the other way. justin was cracking up while stacey tried to turn of the tv. zaileen was the first to notice us walking inside.

zaileen: good morning!

    justin and stacey's head automatically turn right on cue. justin's face shot to a smile. i knew what he was thinking.

justin: hoh hoh h-

me: shut up justin.

justin: btxch.

me: slut.

justin: nympho.

me: i got a fan for you.

    justin stands up and walks toward kayden. i watched kayden as he was totally calm as justin started talking to him.

justin: sawp. thanks for the support.

kayden: thanks for making your songs dope.

justin: [to me] mai, where'd you find him? i like him.

me: are you turning gay?

justin: [puts his arm around kayden] maybe.

    they both started laughing. looks like they're getting along pretty good. i notice that kayden can make friends really fast.

justin: are you busy?

kayden: naww.

justin: wanna go cruise? we're going to the studios.

me: hey, i thought it was only us two.

justin: we'll make it a group thing. stacey, zalieen-you guys like go to the studios?

stacey: what time?

justin: after these two get ready.

kayden: i didn't know i was gonna stay out this late. i don't have any extra clothes.

justin: i got some extra clothes. you look like my size.

kayden: shoots.

    i head for the bathroom to take a shower but justin walks in.

justin: what'd you do last night with him?

me: why do you care?

justin: he's one of your brother's friends.

me: just because you found out vinny wanted to have sex with me doesn't mean that they're all like that.

justin: yeah right.

me: wtf? i thought you liked him. you're willing to share you clothes with him.

justin: i liked vinny before what happened.

    justin walked out of the room and i slammed the door behind him. was i really mad or was i just cranky?
    after 10 minutes taking a shower, i went out and grabbed the first thing i can find in my luagage bag. i managed to fish out a yellow stripe belted tube top hangs 23 1/2 inches from the shoulder and white bermuda shorts. it was kinda cold so i grabbed my white bolero. when i was done, i saw that everyone was waiting for a while. the first one i noticed was kayden. he was wearing a black zoo york shirt with gold print and black dickie shorts. he looked really good in justin's clothes. next to him was justin. justin looked good too. justin was wearing a bright blue stussy shirt that says something but never could read it. next to justin were stacey and zaileen. stacey was wearing an purple cami with a lace trim neckline and spagetti straps, and a skirt. zaileen wore a pink sequin bow tube top with white pants. they were both starting a back nodding their heads.

kayden: that took you forever!

justin: naww. at times she takes longer. you're just lucky it wasn't one of those days.
    we head to the studios in the limo. it was so quiet in the limo since we were still kinda tired from last night. once we got to the studios, we kinda dragged ourselves inside but we had coffee to bust us up. we got into the recording studio where we met up with jeremy and steven.

justin: sho-o-o-o-o!

jeremy: sho-o-o-o!

steven: sho-o-o-o!

me: i always hated that call.

justin: `keh `keh `keh, you guys. i got one person i like you guys to meet.

jeremy: your girlfriend, tiffany?

justin: we broke up this morning.

me: wtf? so fast.

justin: i know. shxt, shut up.

    kayden walks into the room seeing jeremy and steven for the first time.

justin: this is kayden. he was mai's hook-up last night.

    i push him and he almost fell over and pressed all the recording equipment.

justin: nah, i'm just kidding.

    jeremy and steven says hi to kayden and shakes hands. the three-justin, jeremy and steven start smiling. steven grabs a few pieces of paper with words on it.

steven: like to sing kayden?

kayden: uhh, actually i always wanted to be a singer when i was younger.

justin: sing "the things you do".

    kayden takes a deep breath and smiles while he's staring at me.

kayden: the things you do girl just makes me happy. it's what i love about you. you keep me smiling. the things you do girl just makes me happy. it's what i love about you. you keep me smiling. see everyday baby, when we're talking on the phone, you make me laugh, you make me smile, nothing can go wrong. `cause everything you do-

justin: how about "everytime?"

kayden: E: everytime single time i think about you baby. V is for the vain that will stand the pain when u become my lady. E is everytime i say a rhyme all nicely so don’t even ask me. R is the rhyme that spells the word everytime so that’s the line. Y is the reason because lately you’re the answer to my all my questions. T is the time that i will always promise to always get your attention. i got an intention to tell you cause i gotta mention that i'll be your protection-

    i watch the three as they nod in approval. i knew what they were thinking. three.....two....one.....

jeremy: we're recording this song for justin's next album but it's missing something. you wanna be that something?

justin: hey, you'll never know. my producers might like you and you'll put me out of business.

kayden: aight aight. coming from you guys, thanks.

    steven hands them a paper as they walk into the recording booth. zaileen and stacey headed to grab some lunch. justin's mom, kayla and her boyfriend, tommy, which is justin's manager too, walks into the room.

justin: mom, tommy, this is kayden. he'll be that something we're missing.

tommy: you must be good hearing a compliment like that from justin and the boys.

kayden: thanks sir.

tommy: just call me tommy.

    kayla joins next to me and smiles.

kayla: where'd they find him?

me: actually, they only met this morning. i met kayden last night at byran's party.

kayle: heeeeeeeeeeh, bad idea.

me: i know.

    tommy informs kayden of the harmony and empty spots there are. the beat starts and jeremy was the first one to show off his skills.

jeremy: [verse one] i can't just sit in the dark and dream. i miss you and i love you. what will i do without you? i want you and i need you. is there ever gonna be a me and you?

all: [chorus] is it just me? or is it you too? all of my thoughts lead back to you.

steven: [verse two] i can't stop crying. i can't stop thinking. the fact that you're not mine makes me sad. there's nothing left for me. now can't you see? without you i'm nothing.

all: [chorus] is it just me? or is it you too? all of my thoughts lead back to you.

justin: [verse three] i just can't sit and stare at the moon, wishing you're staring at it too. what else am i suppose to do? it's impossible for me to forget about you. i've tried everything.
my feelings are stuck on you. but it can't. the fact that i hurt both of us makes me sad. sometimes i just want to die because there's no reason why to live. i want you. i need you. i miss you. i love you. will i get a second chance? there's nothing for me to do. can't you see? i can't move on without you. shxt. what's wrong with me?

kayden: [bridge] would you protect me and just let me sleep? that would be amazing asleep in your arms away from the hype and the world's false alarms can we please keep trying?
`cause I wouldn't know what to do and you have no idea how much I miss you...

all: [chorus] is it just me? or is it you too? all of my thoughts lead back to you.

    the music stops and all eyes shot onto kayden with a smile. tommy was the start with the whole slow clap thing.

tommy: my boy, you got potential.

justin: no tommy. potential means he's on his way. kayden's here.

kayden: you really think so?

justin: you gotta work hard and it's tough. you gotta really be up for it.

kayden: i'll think about it.


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