i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 3
byran's party

me and justin were at pearlridge because we had a graduation party tonight. my older brother is finally graduating, now i OFFICALLY have my own room. we've been sharing a room since the twins were born. he's been going out a lot so it seems like he lives in thte house but his clothes were everywhere. this time, justin had to put on a disguise so people wouldn't recognize him. his disguise was so hilarious. he tucked in his shirt and pulled his pants really high. he parted his hair and wore his glasses since he wears contacts.         we walked into thisisit and people were staring. they're probably wondering why a geek like that was here. he ran to the guy clothes and i went for the dresses. this black halter dress caught my eye the most. it was up to my knees and has diamonds on the boobs. i went on my way to grab it but i accidently bumped into someone.

me: oops, i'm sorry.

    i turned and to see my worst nightmare. not only i had to face her in school but now i had to face her at work and to top everything off, i had to see her fugly face when i was spending some alone time with justin.

kathleen: didn't i tell you to fxckin` watch where you're going?

justin: mai, do you think this matches?

    justin comes from behing half saving me but half making it worse. when justin saw who i was talking to, he made the funniest "ew" face ever.

kathleen: aww, look mailyn. your BOYFRIEND thinks i'm pretty.

    justin started smiling and walked away. man, you're not even pretty.

me: ye`noe kathleen, i'm just gonna walk away and enjoy the rest of my day peacefully. okay bxtch?

    i grabbed the dress and start walking to the cash register but kathleen said something that pushed my buttons. i just wanted to stick the hanger up her mouth and stick it out her eyes so i can pull it ripped her face off and send it to otherspace to scare aliens.

kathleen: i heard that justin's down here. after you send your charity time with that loser, are you gonna go and fxck justin?

me: kathleen, stop being jealous. it's okay that me and justin are just friends but you can't have that. you had your chance.

kathleen: you think i want justin? i always knew he was gay hanging out with you all the time.

me: you know you fxckin` lucky that i didn't do anything yet.

    i left kathleen hanging with a smile on my face. i can tell that kathleen was ready to grab me before i started walking but there was a worker there. that's why i walked away. i went and followed justin into line. he put his arms around me and smiled.

justin: thanks for being my best friend.

me: uhh, you're welcome?

justin: i heard everything with you and kathleen.

me: oh.

justin: yeah. sorry for being with her.

me: no, it's okay. i love making trouble to her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

as me and stacey finished the decorations in the pagoda hall, my brother byran came out and put his arms around me and stacey.

byran: thanks for volunteering to help.

me: what are you talking about? mom and dad made me.

byran: i wasn't talking to you. i was talking to stacey.

stacey: no problem. i had nothing better to do.

    byran heads outside since he has to change. it's hard to believe that after a two year relationship, stacey and byran broke up because they both didn't want the whole long distance relationship thing.
    me and stacey cleaned everything that's left and start heading upstairs to get ready. waiting at the door of our hotel room, zaileen was sitting there half asleep.

me: why didn't you call us?

zaileen: i'm not THAT stupid. of course i called. i called like 30 times....each!

    me and stacey started looking for out phones but realized that we didn't have it. we ran all the way back to the hall and found justin with a big smile on his face.

justin: you guys look tired. did you guys just take a jog or something?

me: justin i love you and your singing career but you should never try acting.

    justin's smile turned into a frown. i started freaking out because i wasn't sure if he was joking or not. he handed us our phones and sat down.

me: what's wrong?

justin: nothing, i just wanna ask you something.

    i was scared out of my mind. was he gonna go back home? did someone passed away? he pulled me aside and sat me down.

me: justin, should i be scared for this news?

justin: no. okay, so i met this girl at the airport and i got her number. we've been talking a lot lately and i really like her so after byran picked you up, i met up with her. i asked her out and she said yes.

me: okay? so why are you telling me this?

justin: i was wondering if it's okay to bring her to the party.

    i turn to see stacey and zaileen talking to this girl. she had brown hair up to her shoulders. she was about 5'1". she was wearing layer plad top and leggings holding a bag probably with her clothes for the party. justin waved for her to come and the three start walking closer and closer.

me: hi, i'm mailyn.

    she smiled and looked at justin. she looked cold so justin grabbed her and started hugging her. oh em gee, i hate it when you introduced yourself to someone and they don't introduce themselves to you. hi, is your name drama?

me: and you are?

justin: her name is tiffany.

tiffany: sorry, i'm kinda shy.

justin: so she can come or what?

me: it's not really up to me. ask byran, he's right there.

    they turn around and head for byran. i take a deep breath as i watched them talking to byran.

zaileen: you okay?

me: if byran says no then yeah but if he says yeah then of course i won't be okay.

    i go back to watching byran and justin's conversation. i see byran's head nods and they do that stupid handshake they do. my heart just sank but hey, maybe he just nodded his head to say next time or something. it looked like they finished talking and justin and tiffany came smiling.

me: what'd he say?

justin: yeah, she can come tonight.

me: oh okay. that's cool.

    justin and tiffany head outside to the prince kuhio hotel where justin and his family were staying so they would get ready. when they got into the car, byran came and told us to get ready.

me: what the hell? why'd you let tiffany come tonight on last minute?

byran: justin's staying here for six weeks. i just want him to get a little freaky tonight.

    byran does that dance where it looks like your humping the air.

me: you're stupid.

byran: plus, she's hot and justin isn't gonna keep her. ha, she might just be a groupie. i'll be there to pick up the trash.

me: byran! wtf?

byran: i'm just kidding.

me: oh okay.

byran: don't tell me you like that guy.

me: you kidding me? after all what happened, no fxckin` way.

byran: okay, go get ready.

me: you too. you stink.

    me, stacey and zaileen head upstairs and get ready. it didn't take as long as we thought we would take. when we were ready, we looked bangin`! i loved the dress even though i had to see that stupid face. stacey had blue silk dress. it had a silver line thingy under the boobs. zaileen had a beige halter dress with a brouche thing in the middle of the boobs. we head downstairs to the hall and there were tons of people in so little time.

me: do i look okay? omg, half of the room is probably filled with byran's friends.

    from out of no where, here comes justin and tiffany. justin was wearing what he bought earlier which was a phat farm blue and green plaid shirt and black pants. with justin being justin, he had to have a hat that matched. my ocd started kicking in and i tried to reach to fix his shirt and i forgot tiffany was there so she started giving me comments on my sandals.

tiffany: i have real sandals like that of every color.

    she started twirling my hair and started looking around. shy, my ass bxtch. justin looked at me and i gave him the "i don't like her, take her away face" and he started frowning.

justin: babe, let's get some drinks.

    justin pulls away with tiffany leading her to the drinks. me, stacey and zaileen take a seat in an empty table since the front were reserved for family.

stacey: i'm gonna go to the bathroom, i'll come back.

zaileen: me too. waiting in front of the room was kinda hard when you were holding your pee since i couldn't find a bathroom.

stacey: lyn, need to go?

me: nah, i'll stay here.

    they leave the hall and i waited for a minute. i was going to get up and get some drinks but this cute guy started talking to me.

kayden: hi excuse me, do you know where byran is?

me: uh, i'm not sure but i can call him.

kayden: okay sure.

    he takes the seat by me as i call byran.

me: your friend is looking for you. where are you?

byran: i'm in the back. which friend?

me: [to kayden] sorry, what's your name?

kayden: kayden.

me: [to byran] it's kayden.

byran: just tell him wait `cause i kinda gotta set up.

    i hang up the phone and he's staring at me.

me: he said just wait. he's setting up.

kayden: shoots. so what's your name?

me: i'm mailyn.

kayden: eh, your byran's sister.

me: yeah.

kayden: yeah, his friends were talking about you this one time.

me: really? what'd they say.?

kayden: they actually said you were ho-

    from behind us, byran pops out of nowhere. he had that "what are you doing to my sister" kind of look. he always does that when i talk to guys, especially his friends.

kayden: happy birthday bro.

byran: thanks thanks. so you met my sister?

me: yeah since he was looking for you. but anyways, nice meeting you and see you around `cause my friends are here.

    luckily, my friends WERE here. it felt awkward `cause ever since what happened between me and justin, byran hates it when i talk to guys, no matter what.


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