i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 2
justin's back

me: omg, i can't wait until i go home and take a looooooooong nap. i'm so fxckin` tired from last night!

stacey: you've been complaining the whole day. what time did you get home?

me: like around 5.

stacey: for real? but you left the hotel at 1.

me: i know but bryan didn't take me straight home.

stacey: omg, did you guys do what i think you guys did?

me: stacey! wtf? i still got that bet with zaileen you dumbass. plus you know i wouldn't do that. even though i was kinda drunk, i knew what i was doing.

    it was 3:00PM and mine and stacey's shifts were over. we head to the back and we saw kathleen talking to trina. they were talking and laughing. me and stacey were gonna clock out but we had to pass by them. i just ignored it since it's not like something's gonna happen. me and stacey clock out while trina leaves the room leaving us two alone with kathleen.

kathleen: wow, i didn't think you could work `cause i've seen justin spoil you so much.

me: bxtch, idk why you gotta fxckin` do this to me. you were the one who fxckin` used justin for money `cause you thought he was gonna get famous but he was taking so long. ha! good thing he fxckin` caught you cheating on him. he would be fxckin` giving you anything you wanted while you played him. but look now, i'm the one fxckin` getting shoutouts on tv and in cds.

kathleen: whatever. you ain't worth my time.

me: bxtch, you started it. but for once, i agree with you. a low life trick ain't worth my time.

    i just wanted to keep telling her how she's such a bxtch and a disgrace to human-kind. i wanted to slap her fxckin` face out of the room but i stopped myself. today was supposed to be a happy day since justin was coming down. that's when it hit me-i gotta go home and get ready. i clocked out and grab my bag from my locker in front of kathleen without saying anything. me and stacey walked out leaving kathleen hanging. she started yelling as we left but all we could do was laugh.

me: bye kathleen! see you tomorrow!

<center><font size=+2>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *</center></font>

    <i>it was the BET awards and i was sitting towards the back with my friends since justin gave me a few tickets to come. it felt so cool being in an environment like this. it was so nice of justin to give us tickets. he also bought my dress. it was a black silk charmeuse dress.
    they were giving out awards and once we heard that they were announcing the winner for best new artist. justin was one of the nominees. i clenched onto the arm rest. i couldn't breathe. if i'm acting like this, i wonder how justin was handling it. i took a deep breath as they played the drumroll. next thing i could hear was screaming and clapping. i look to my right to see stacey, zaileen and maria jumping up and down screaming. that's when i knew who won.

host: justin delacruz aka shiny!

    i stood up with them cheering on one of our best friends. i look onto stage and i see justin walking onto it. they hand him his trophy and he's about to make his speech.

justin: this is so cool. props to my parents, my family, my friends and my best friend, mailynn! this goes out to you.

    justin gets off stage but i noticed a girl with him. she had black hair down to her shoulders. it was half up. her face was too blury to see from all the lights. when they got to a fair distance, i knew who it was. i started running up the aisle as i started cracking my knuckles. once i got to her, i straight up punch her face. it was such a sexy punch.

kathleen: bxtch!

    the next thing i could feel was her pulling my hair. what a pussy. there was an open shot so i took it. she kinda tried to dodge it but she was still too late. my nail from my tumb dug into her skin and left a fresh clean 2 inch cut. she tried to take a couple shots but i couldn't feel it. i only thing i could feel was my hair ripping out of my head.</i>

justin: mai! mai!

    my eyes started to widen half way but it refused to open. i kepy feeling my hair getting pulled so i tried to go in for one last punch before i left and get arrested.

justin: woah! mailyn! wake up!

    my eyes opened and i could see a figure of a guy. i was so confused.

me: am i in jail? do i still have my hair? where's justin?

justin: mailyn, it IS me.

    right when i heard those words, my eyes shot open. it WAS justin right in front of me. was i still dreaming?

me: justin?

justin: mai, wake up.

me: justin, i just want to let you know, i hate that bxtch. i can't believe you took her to the BET awards. after all she's done to you, why? anyways, i don't care if i got to jail, she was worth it. oh and another thing-

justin: mai, what are you talking about?

    i looked around me and i was in my room. i felt so retarded right now but i was so happy to see justin. i pulled him onto my bed. he started laying down and he pulled me beside him. he hugged me super tight and i hugged him back. he kissed my forehead and i couldn't help but smile.

justin: guess what.

me: what?

justin: i missed you.

me: i missed you too. omg, i cried my eyes out for a whole month after you left me.

justin: at least i'm here for the summer.

me: good.

justin: so......you were just dreaming about me?

me: shut up.

justin: c'mon. let's go out. i'm craving for farrell's.

me: shoots, me too.

    i get ready as justin waits for me downstairs. an hour later, i head downstairs as we wait for jeremy. when i get downstairs, justin is playing with my brother and sister, michael and michelle. they are twins and three years old.

michelle: justin, where are you taking my sister?

justin: well, we're going to eat out.

michael: can we come?

    they both climb onto his lap acting like he was santa.

justin: maybe when you're older.

michelle: will you remember us?

michael: we always see you in the box when we watch dragon tales dragon tales.

justin: of course i will. i'll even put you in the box.

michelle: can we meet cassie and wheezy and zak and ord.

    justin started smiling. he looked so handsome. justin looked up at me and i can see in his eyes that he really cared about michelle and michael.

michelle: are you gonna take my sister out on a date?

justin: sure.

michelle: aw man.

justin: don't worry. i'll take you out on a date for ice cream soon okay?

michelle: okay.

    michelle hugs justin and so did michael. we hear a horn from outside. we can tell it was jeremy. me and justin head outside to see jeremy in his black navigator. we jump inside to see stacey, kat, and steven. stacey looked worst than i did. i think the coffee wore off. jeremy is justin's best friend. jeremy had a chance to make it to the studios and stuff but he didn't want to. he didn't want to leave his girlfriend, kat. steven is justin's back up singer but his parents didn't want him to become famous too early.

stacey: [hugs justin] i missed you.

justin: right back at `cha.

jeremy: how's the spotlight?

justin: same old same old but with more fans. ye`noe, shut up about me being famous. i'm here to have fun and forget that i AM famous.

jeremy: aight.

    we get to farrell's and made reservations. while we waited for our table, we can tell that people were noticing justin. it was bothering me. i'm proud of justin getting famous and letting everyone hear what he loves to do but i can't stand the fans.

farrell worker: justin- party of six.

    we follow the cute waiter to our table. all the guys were on one side and the girls were sitting on the other.

ethan: hi, my name is ethan, i'll be your waiter for this afternoon.

    all the guys started saying hi to him. they always started asking questions about samples of the food and shxt. it was so shame!

ethan: we usually don't give samples but aren't you shiny?

    great, now people are gonna crowd all over him and ask him for his autograph.

justin: uhh, yeah but can you keep it on the down low `cause i'm here for vacay. i just wanna relax. and no need the samples. can we just get 3 chicken and rice, 2 fish n' chips, moutain criss-cut fries, and one mountain garlic fries for now.

ethan: okay.

justin: and i mean it about keeping in on the DL. i know people already started noticing.

    ethan nods and goes to get our orders. after he leaves, us girls go and get ready at the restroom.

kat: lynn, aren't you glad that he's back?

me: hell yeah.

kat: can i ask you something?

me: what?

kat: do you like him?

stacey: her feelings with justin is soooooo over. it was buried before justin moved.

me: actually....

kat: you do?

me: i'm just overwhelmed that he's back. justin's that best friend that will always be there and that mistake people will make as your boyfriend. get it?

kat: well it doesn't seem like that to us.

me: i've know justin for 10 years and we're just friend. i mean, i know he'll never feel the same way. if he didn't back then, why now? when there's half the world are obsess with you and have half their room with posters of you, why now?

kat: i think you guys should at least try it once. do it while he's here.

stacey: lynn, you really did like him. for once, i agree with kat. what's the worst that could happen?

me: you guys will get my hopes up and in the end, this will be such a waste of time and my hopes will be crushed.

    we heard a knock at the door. we were wondering why someone was knocking. it was a public bathroom. we opened the door and it was steven.

steven: the food's here.

    we start heading out and i noticed that steven was smiling. before we sit down, i held steven back.

me: steven, why are you smiling?

steven: i agree with them.

me: you heard?

    steven just smiled and just sat down with the others. i noticed how our seating arrangement was changed. the only empty spot was by justin.  they're up to something.
justin: shxt, it's fxckin` hot.

    all the guys start looking at each other with big smiles on their faces. it was kinda creepy. v

jeremy: ICE PALACE!!

    they all jump and give a big high five in the middle. the sad part was that we were right in front of the entrance of farrell's where people are waiting for their seats. justin, jeremy and steven started cracking up. as for me, stacey and kat, we ran into the parking lot to look for the car. 5 minutes of waiting by the car, the guys finally came.

kat: what fxckin` took you guys so long?

steven: brah, this fxcka made this little boy cry.

    steven's face was pretty red. his eyes were tearing and it seemed like he couldn't breathe. he stopped laughing for a while but he bursted laughing again on jeremy's shoulder.

me: okay?

kat: how'd you make him cry?

jeremy: he heard me laughing.

    from out of no where, steven starts bursting out laughing. he started pounding against the window.

stacey: steven, wtf? was it really that funny?

kat: yeah, i don't hear justin laughing about it.

    we start looking around us to talk to justin but we notice he was gone.

me: where is he?

    then the car window starts rolling down. justin pulls out a six-pack of heiniken and 3 bottles are missing.

justin: still wondering why steven can't stop laughing?

    jeremy puts his arms around kat but she dodges it and gets in the car.

kat: i'm late for work. can we go?

jeremy: fine then. we'll have even more fun at ice palace without you.

kat: don't have too much fun.

    we all get in the car and we drop of kat at jeans wearhouse like about half a mile up the road from farrell's. we drive back up the road and go to ice palace.

justin: it's been a long ass time since i've been here.

    when we get inside, right off the bat people started noticing that "shiny" was here. girls started crowding around him asking him for his autograph and shxt.

justin: please, i'm here on vacation and forget i'm ever famous.

    some girl named ashley asked justin to sign her bra. she actuall took it off right in front of us. slut fxckin` whore.

justin: nah, that's okay. now go and put your bra back on.

    justin looked at me and he started smiling. i knew what justin was thinking so i started laughing. ashley nocticed ne and she started nodding her head,

ashley: is that why you won't sign it? `cause your girlfriend's here?

    everyone gasped and started whispering. groupies these days are fxckin` stupid. when one whispers, you can hardly hear it but when a ton of people are talking at the same time, saying the same thing-you can practically hear what they're saying. I'M NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND!!

ashley: she wouldn't mind, right?

    she looked at me and gave me the most fakest smile ever. i just wanted to grab ice skates and slice her face in half. great, another girl for me to hate on. more girls started asking him for autographs until the securiity came by.

security: why won't you people get a life and stop fantasizing about a celebrity and find an actual person you have a chance with?

    all the girls starts going back the ice and stuff.

justin: thanks bro.

security: no prob. you were one my my favorite students here,

    me and justin start heading towards the bleachers but noticed that the others were gone. we turn around and we here yelling in the arcade room. we knew who was in there. once we walk inside, they see no one besides jeremy, steven and stacey inside. jeremy and steven were break dancing while stacey were recording them with her camera.

steven: if i don't have it into the music business, i can always be a professional breaker.

    looking pretty sober, steven does an airchair. he tried to land it but the water on the ground made his slip making his landing...on an arcade game breaking the screen.

steven: oh shxt, oh shxt.

    next thing you know, we dig out so fast that a group of girls outside by the entrance didn't even notice justin. justin knew they looked familiar because they sent him a fan sign on myspace.


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