Freedom (Completed!)
Author: M.L. Holt

Chapter 11
Camp Freedom

We arrived at camp the next day.

The flight to California had not been fun. They'd stuck us on some commercial flight, and since we got some last minute tickets, we were stuck with whatever seats they had.

Meaning, nowhere close to each other.

I sat next to some old drunken man who kept trying to feel me up. He asked to change seats. That's all I have to say about that.

I don't know where Donovan ended up; I couldn't pick him out of the crowd, but it had to have been better than what I got.

As we were getting off the plane, I spotted him a few rows behind me, next to a beautiful girl with golden ringlets that fell past her shoulders. She was obviously flirting with him.

For some reason, that sent a pang on jealosy through me.

I was quite pleased when he shot her down. I saw her try to slip him her number, and watched him tear the scrap of paper up.

I didn't feel jealous of her, anymore.

We finally made if off the plane and into the cab the detectives had called for to take up to the camp. We both sat in the backseat, uncomfortable sitting next to the stranger driving.

We both sat watching the scenery pass by outside our windows. In almost no time at all, the driver pulled into a side road, and a few minutes after that, he stopped.

Donovan handed the man some money, and we gathered our meager belongings. The cab sped away, thankfully. I turned to look at the camp.

A small sign next to the gate read "Camp Freedom" The gate itself looked old and rusty, but still pretty sturdy. As we walked up, it creaked open, and I got a good look inside.

There was a large wooden building in the center of a clearing, and all around it, smaller cabins stood. There was a small lake on the other side of the buildings, and trees surrounded the place.

As soonas we entered the gates, they closed behind us. Kids started popping out of cabins, and a few ran up from the lake.

"Newbys!" they yelled, joyous looks on all their faces. They surrounded us, and immediatly, I stiffened.

"Everyone, back up, give them some space," called an older, commanding voice. The kids moved back, and there stood a slightly older man, maybe mid to late twenties, with sandy blonde hair and soft blue eyes. "Hi, I'm Trey," he said, coming a little closer, "Could I get your names?"

I stepped forward just a little. "Are you like us?" I asked in a soft voice, looking around at all the faces surrounding me. "Are you all like us?"

Trey smiled, "If you're refering to this," he extended a single soft brown wing just a few inches, "Then yes, we all are like you,"

I smiled, "I'm Avalyn, and this is Donovan," Donovan raised a hand in a half-hearted wave. There were a few older girls, about our age, and they were eyeing him the way the girl on the plane had.

This time I didn't worry about it.


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