Author: Jane U

Chapter 37
FriEND - pg 37

I saw Tina today.  Well I see her most days, but don’t really see her if you know what I mean.  But today I saw her and I felt really bad for her.  She has fallen in with a less popular crowd and there are rumours going around that she gave Scott scabies.  She’s got a reputation for sleeping around, but the Tina I knew wouldn’t even sleep with Scott and if she did, then I reckon he’s her first.  That’s really stink because now she’s having all this stuff said about her.

Part of me thinks she got what she deserved after the way she treated me.  But a bigger part just feels sad and I miss what we had.  We were good mates once and we had a lot of fun together.  I wish we had stuck together, even if it was just us.  It was a lot less complicated and real back then.  I wonder if she wishes it too?  Part of me thinks she must do.  She doesn’t have many friends, like I do.  If only there was a way for us to go back, but there really isn’t.  Things have been said and done and I won’t let her hurt me again.  I can’t help her - hell I don’t even know if she wants help.  For all I know she still feels the same way about me as she did the day she turned on me.  No, I could never trust her.  Maybe I never really could.


You are a stranger to me now
Even though there is part of me
That thinks I know you
You are a stranger to me now
Even though a part of me
For a time wasn’t
You are a friend to me now
Even though there is part of me
That thinks I can’t be
You are a friend to me now
Even though a part of you
For a time wasn’t
You are a stranger now
And so am I
But the two of us
We were friends once
There was a part
When it was real
It just isn’t now



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