the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 14
I never knew

I never knew

I just wanted to play

A game of cards that day

To play away the fears

To play away the tears


But then no cards could I play

For you dragged me away

“I need to talk to you”

Was all that you’d say


You sat on your chair

I folded my legs on the floor

And into your eyes I stared

You looked out the door


“I didn’t do so well”

you spoke with much disgrace

“you’re not a failure”

I said it to your face


“I kept it for months

And then it bursts out

What longer can I contain

More violent was my shout


I carved my study table

And ruined it all that way

I destroyed my brother’s new stuff

I did it all that day


I admitted I broke it

I couldn’t live a lie

But it was all my anger

Now I can only sigh


My mother dropped my calculator

And I hurled it to the floor

To spoil it to get a new one

And then I slammed the door


She broke my record of not dropping it

What more could you expect

I am a perfectionist

No flaw would I neglect”


This was what she told me

But what can I believe

Never once did I know

The closed lives people live


They do stuff at home

How many things they hide

We would never know

Even if they had lied


The secret sorrows people pile

Inside their very hearts

Before it comes forth in violence

Like sharp and dangerous darts


We would not know anything

Unless you uncover their shell

So when someone asks you to listen

They have many things to tell




this poem was based on a true conversation i had with a friend. when someone wants to talk to you be glad to listen and you will discover that their lives are not as smooth going as they seem to be.


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