the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 13
Your last moments

Your last moments

What happened in your last moments

When we were sitting there

Our last lunch together

The last meal we shall share


The food that we ate

Made no significance

But the things that we have said

Would cover all the distance


The gifts we gave to you

The last words on our lips

Were those that were true

As we shared our last sips


Then one friend had to go

She waved a nice goodbye

And held in your embrace

We could only sigh


Then finally upstairs

It was time to leave

Fulfilling our nightmares

I could barely breathe


I gave you one last hug

And closed my very eyes

Gave you one last tug

My last gesture of goodbyes


I forced the tears onto my face

To see you walking away

No time to appreciate your embrace

The last time I’d see you was today


Then no longer was it forceful

I just let them flow

My friend here stood beside me

As we watched you go


Her tears were real and true

We stood there and just cried

But no more would I see you

As if you had just died


You promise you’ll come back

One day with me you’d fly

Together through the sunrays

But now no more shall I cry


I sat upon the tiled floor

And we continued our cares

Each time I glanced at the door

I wish you were there


What use is it of wishing

When you’ll never return

Then in my heart the flame

So much stronger did it burn


I stroked the floor with my penknife

And bright did it spark

My flame of love in your life

Whenever the weather was dark


But so long fare well dear friend

It’s time I learn to let go

Our memories I believe will never end

And you’ll return I know





this poem describes the farewell of my best friend


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