the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 12
Hopscotch Chopsticks

Hopscotch chopsticks

We used to have a place

I’d like to call our own

But truly it wasn’t ours

Just where our friends were sown


A place in a small room

Where her father plays his song

We loved to laugh and talk

As we sung along


I remember very well

We gave the place a name

A secret place to cherish

Where we played our game


Games we used to enjoy

A game known as lock lock

Where our hands would interfold

And another named peacock


Oh how I loved to play them

With you and our best friend

Feathers bright and colourful

Those times that had to end


We walked into the room

Hand in hand

Our smiles bored on our face

Memories written in sand


I wish them back again

But I know they are gone

Beyond that one true heart

Where we had a stronger bond


That was where we celebrated

Her very last birthday

And even though the cake was muffins

It was a beautiful day


It was also the very last time

We stepped into that place

The very last time

I saw a true smile on your face


I guess those are the moments

We shall cherish most

So please never forget

All memories especially those


The tears fall from my eyes

Each time I try and recall

But each time I may fail

I know that I did fall


You were there to pick me up

The cliché things I can say

But I just want you to know

I love you today


Even if everything

Turns its back on you

God will always be there

He is always true


No more can we go back

To that one beautiful place

When our friend left us

With one last pitiful gaze


But memories I’ll keep

About you and about me

And not forgetting her

Although no more I see


She seems to be fading

Into the background now

And I know very well

You too will fade somehow


I’m sad to say you will

But this is the real world

Where people backstab others

Too bad I’m a naïve girl


I wish I could be better

And keep your secrets well

But I have failed you more than once

And fallen where I fell


It feels awfully painful

When I scratch my knee again

The scars will forever be eminent

They shall forever remain


No matter how hard you scratch

Your skin will always heal

And up till this day

I know how you feel


Just wish I were a better friend

To stop hurting people

And start loving them more

And be a nicer girl


I know those places we have been

Cannot amount to us

Only watching helpless

As everything turns to dust


The friendship we have shared

The feel of your hands in mine

And through all we’ve been through

For God remember to shine


So back to that same place

Where air con cold it blew

And as you take your new flight

I watched you as you flew




this is a poem about the memories i cherished of the times i spent with my best friend


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