the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 11
Break my heart for what breaks yours

Break my heart for what breaks yours

Sometimes you get yourself hurt

But truly it’s a test

Shall you lose a friend

Or do it to your best


But best is not enough

Only love prevails

Because I believe

That love never fails


You tell me that you felt

We are here for her

So that she shall know God

And from faith never deter


You told me yesterday

But today you change your mind

But I will still believe

That to her we are His sign


As we sat together

And laugh the day away

I thought I was so fortunate

Even if she left anyway


I thought she left happy

And I had two new friends

But if you don’t stay together

This is where our friendship ends


I want to hold your hand

To protect you as I can

But if you guys cannot love

Sad will God be above


As Christians we have more

A larger greater calling

We seem to suffer more

But all of this is passing


We suffer for our saviour

For He loved me so

That I want to love like Him

This I hope you know


My heart is as broken as yours

If it paid to tear

But I shall mend my heart

The burden continue to bear


I cannot give up now

I need to learn

To love wholeheartedly

Like a flame of passion shall it burn


It’s roaring through my soul

As I keep giving in

To forgive and be her friend

For He forgave my sin


He portrayed selfless love

Even till His death

No matter how we broke His heart

He loved us till His last breath


I want that kind of love

And for you to love that way

But do you call me selfish

To make you her friend for another day


Are you truly suffering?

What’s this sufferance for

But I believe love is more powerful

As we live on evermore


If she can break my heart

Why can’t I break hers?

But tell me dear girl

Doesn’t love come first?


I long to see that smile

Upon each of your face

To see each lasting grin

To hold both in embrace


But every week it seems

You guys will break my heart

And sever it into

A thousand painful parts


Yet I have not given up

On any of my friends

For deep inside I hold a love

A love that never ends


God wants me to love like Him

And you know you can too

So if you feel you want to try

Please let it be true


We are learning being tested

But before you see the light

One must go through darkness

Before he regains his sight


To understand what is comfort

One must go through pain

To know what is forgiveness

One must forgive again


And dearest child dear

I went through deeper sorrow

Just to experience true joy

And hope for a better tomorrow


That’s all I want for you guys

And you said you were committed

If she is a hypocrite

How could you too turn on your word


Maybe I’m just selfish

Just like the rest of the world

But child dear you must know

I want to be a different girl


You say I’m too sensitive

Then are you not like me

And so is she too

This I sure can see


All of us will hurt too

All of us will cry

But in the end we learn

To say goodbye


Let us cherish the time we have left

Don’t regret it one day

For in our lives we don’t have space

For wrong decisions to stay


One day we will look upon it

And think of our childish dismays

Now it may be so important

But I admit my immature ways


She won’t want to see us

Hurt so badly like that

Not just after she left

Our tears the bed is wet


Help me dry my tears

And love her as Jesus does

As we all mend our hearts

Till the very last




this poem was to a friend that i dearly cherished. it was about a friendship that was unstable and misunderstood at that point in time.


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