the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 10
Hold my hands one last time

Hold my hands one last time

The time has come for you to go

And sadness now I know

That when a friend has to leave

No more in friendship I believe


To think that we may spend time

Together in the class

And hold hands all day

But this day is the very last


I hope that you’ll remember

The times we used to share

Six whole hours in school

The burden that we bear


But could I bear it longer

I really wouldn’t mind

If you could be my friend

Till another I can find


Friends are so much more

Than everything I know

But at last it comes the hour

That you will have to go


Go further than the seashore

Into another land

Where the footprints of our friendship

Dissolve in the sand


Now you walk alone

Alone in this new place

But I will always be here

Till the last of my days


So if you wish to meet me

Come and call again

Together we shall bear

All sorrow and all pain


Many a times we don’t feel

For each others grief and joy

To get our own ways

Selfish methods we employ


I know I’ve hurt you many times

Each time for me you cry

When it seems to overwhelm your soul

And each day you ask me why


Why would you let me fall

Those precious of my tears

Why ignore my pleading call

And provoke my inner fears


I don’t mean to make you fall

I just want you to know

That on your face I see a smile

When you have to go


Now take my hand for one last time

The last it has to be

And if this is the way to go

I love you and you love me


My poem can forever continue

So much to say to you

A letter of love and loss

This is how much friendship cost


What better gift have you given me

Than your protective love

You told me who was true

And who was God above


And now my gift to you

Shall not be in a physical thing

But just the many joys

A selfless friendship can bring


I look high and low

For a new friend to be

And someday I may find

The person close to me


Don’t worry if she replaces you

For in your heart you know

That I have always loved you

And treated you as so


So hold my hand once more

I cannot let it go

As we swing together a last time

A memory that shall flow


You made me two new friends

Two whom I learn to love

And I shall cherish them

Until they leave like doves


Upon their highest wings

They may choose to soar

But in my heart dear girl

I’ll remember them evermore


So lift your face I shall smile

As you wait to leave

And you must always know

In you I truly believe





this poem is for my best friend before she emmigrated



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