Freedom (Completed!)
Author: M.L. Holt

Chapter 10

They let us climb into the back of the ambulance with Aaron. For that, I was immensly grateful.

I wasn't grateful for the questions they continuously asked us.

"How did you survive that fall without a scratch?"

"How did you get him out from under the beam?"

"How did you get into the room?"

I'm sorry, I lost it. "Will you just shut the h*** up? I can't stand these questions! We'll tell you everything, once the FBI get here. Don't even pretend they aren't coming, I know they are. Until then, shut up!"

Thank God they listened.

"Can I ask one question?" Aaron spoke softly, and caughed harshly. I didn't see any reason not to answer one question, for our friend. I looked to my right, and met Donovan's deep brown eyes. Go ahead, they seemed to say.

"Sure," I said, but shot glares to the EMT that tried to open his mouth to ask something. He shut it.

"What are your real names?" Aaron asked, meeting my eyes.

I smiled, "That's easy enough. I'm Avalyn, and this is Donovan," I said, gesturing first to myself, then to Donovan.

Aaron nodded, "That's what I thought I heard you say, earlier, while we were inside. But I wasn't sure,"

Then I remembered that I'd called Donovan by name, and that he'd spoken to me using my real name.

Right. Cover blown.


Just then, we pulled up to the hospital, and they unloaded Aaron. I waited with Donovan until a pair of men in suits came to greet us. Obviously the FBI was here.

As if to prove me correct, they both held up their badges.

"Yeah, don't even start. I know you're the FBI, and that you've got some questions for us . Can we just get this over with?" I said before either of them could say a word.

One of them nodded. "Could you just explain to us how you survived that fall?" he said.

I grinned evily. "Would you rather do this in the open, or in privite?" I asked them. They looked at each other, and gestured for us to follow them.

"Are you going to tell them the truth?" asked Donovan. "Either way is fine with me.

"I was just going to show them the wings. Then we'll tell them the rest. Just to make sure they understand that we're not lying." I replied. He just nodded.

We entered an empty hospital room, and one of the men gestured for me to continue. I tugged off my hoody, and unfurled my wings from their position of as tight against my back as possible.

We'd slashed holes in the backs of our t shirts so that if we had to escape, all we had to do was take off the hoody, and we could get out of there.

I spread my wings out all the way.

I wish I could say that the men's eyes widened in shock. That they stuttered unbelievingly. That they denied that it was the truth.

But if I did, I'd be lying.

They stood calmly, like this had been what they had expected. One of them nodded, and said, "We're with a special division of the FBI that has been formed to track down the locations of a lab that experiments on children. There was one know to be in Tennessee, so when we heard that some kids in Alabama survived a drop from a third story window, we knew we had more survivers."

The other man spoke, "We'd like to take you to a camp in California with all the others we've found, but of course, it's up to you."

I looked at Donovan. Go for it, he seemed to tell me. So I did.

"California it is,"


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