i'm too scared to be with you
Author: twelvetwix

Chapter 1
first day of summer

*damn, i must be blind to keep on doing. how would everything go wrong with just a little simple kiss?

    half awake, i knew who was calling once i hear that ringtone-justin. it was 8:00AM. i was sitting on the bus on my way to work when i got justin's call.

me: thanks a lot.

justin: what did i do?

me: no, i actually mean it. i'm on my way to work and i was half asleep. i'm almost by my stop.

justin: okay, uhh. i needed to talk to you.

me: what?

justin: i love you.

me: wtf?

justin: just kidding.

me: you fxckin` dumbass piece of shxt!

justin: okay, sorry. gosh bipolar.

    i get a short temper when it comes to emotions between me and justin. he's one of my best friends but 2 years ago, i started liking him but he didn't feel the same way. i got over it since he found a girlfriend and made new friends so we stopped talking. three months later, he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him so he ran to me crying. we started becoming friends again and my feelings came rushing back. i came up with a way to make him feel the same but it backfired. i accidently made him cry and he stopped talking for a month. he forgave me after all those times we needed each other for help. we made like nothing happened between us and acted normal but at times, he would bring that up but as a joke.

me: so what did you want to tell me?

justin: i'm coming down for summer.

me: oh.

justin: that's all you can say?

    i was really tired from the night before. it was the first day of summer vacation after a year suffering through sophomore year and i didn't want to wake up this early. me and my friends went out to a party. i wasn't really paying attention since i was half asleep and it was so hard for me to listen. everything he was telling me was going into one ear and going out the other. i had to think as hard as i can to figure out what he said. he probably knew i wasn't paying attention since he repeated himself slowly.

justin: i'm......co-mmmmmming....dowwwn forrrrrr suuuuuuummmerrrrrrrrr.

    i had to think again as the bus stopped and that's when it hit me. he's coming down for summer!! even though i was tired as hell, i screamed as loud i could as i walked off the bus which i forgot that i was in.

justin: hello, remember my ears are sensitive to your screams?

me: yay, when are you coming down?

justin: i'm actually going today. i'm at the airport waiting for our flight right now.

me: oh.

justin: see you in about 7 hours. hawaii, here i come!

    we were gonna spend so much time together. i missed him so much. a year ago he moved to reno for his singing carrer. he loved to sing that he started making his own songs. some producers heard it on myspace that they wanted justin to come down to work with him. ironically, justin's parents got a promotion and were sent away to reno. i've seen pictures of him recently and he looks better than he ever did after the 6 years i've known him.
    i was walking into the mall and daydreaming of all our memories together. on my walk to pacsun, i almost bumped into kathleen, justin's ex-girlfriend.

kathleen: watch where you're going bxtch.

    it's not my fault that you're fat and i don't have any other choice other than bumping into you. hawh, just when i find out justin's coming down, i fxckin` see that bxtch that cheated on him. i can't believe he went out with her. that's kinda cool though. perfect timing. i was gonna say something but i just ignored it. i was too tired and all i could think about was justin coming down.
    i FINALLY got to pacsun and landed on the pile of clothes that my best friend, stacey, was folding. i looked at her and she looked way better than i did.

me: aren't you fxckin` tired from last night?

stacey: i had two mocha fraps this morning.

me: smart. guess what?

stacey: justin's coming down?

me: he told you before he told me?

stacey: he told me like 5 minutes ago. his plan just took off.

me: hmm, okay.

my eyes was about to fall asleep but i see a shadow coming from behind. i turn around and it's the manager mr. munoz. i got up as soon as possible.

mr. munoz: don't forget to check in before i think you're late. oh btw, hurry up with those clothes, i need to talk to both of you in the back.

he walks into the back as we watch him pulling out his wedgie. i run to the back and check in for work. as i started heading back into the front, my co-worker, trina stops me to talk to me.

trina: mailyn, i'm going to starbucks, want anything?

me: double chocolate chip. how'd you know?

trina: looks like you need it. you got bags under your eyes. can tell you're tired from last night.

me: but trina, i didn't see you last night. we don't really have the same taste in people.

trina: i know. i was staying at that same hotel.

me: oh okay, thanks.

i head to the front with stacey. when i reach her, she's folding a "i don't like your girlfriend" shirt. that's when i remembered about my encounter with kathleen.

me: guess who i bumped into on my work here?

stacey: who?

me: kathleen.

stacey: and then?

me: idk what's up with that fxckin` bxtch. i mean, just because she was getting jealous that me and justin were friends and thought he was cheating on her. ugh!

mr. munoz: [from the back] mailyn! stacey! trina! dan! nate!

we all headed to the back wondering what's happening.

me: mr. munoz, trina went to starbucks for a while. i'll inform her on what will be discussed.

mr. munoz: okay.

mr. munoz started talking but me and stacey weren't listening. we just kept talking.

me: why is she even in here? pearlridge doesn't even open until 9. it's only 8:24.

kathleen: she probably has a job?

me: where? mcdonalds? she's probably only working there for the free food.

me and stacey just kept talking on and on. we started laughing but tried not to be too loud. we were laughing for a while but it stopped when mr. munoz said those two words-"kathleen fontana." once i heard that name, i clenched my fists and on the corner of my eye, stacey's jaw dropped and majority of the heads were on me. practicall everyone in the whole store knew about us.

mr. munoz: so everyone, please help mr- excuse me,i mean ms. fontana around.

she probably is a guy. those boobs might just be man boobs.

mr. munoz left so me and stacey went back to folding the clothes. trina came back with my starbucks coffee but it was kinda too late. my adrenaline was rushing in. she noticed something was bothering me.

trina: are you okay? what's wrong?

me: remember that girl, kathleen i told you about?

trina: yeah.

me: while you were gone, mister wanted to introduce us to the new employee, kathleen.

trina: woah, wtf?

me: yup.

trina: can you handle it?

me: of course.

trina: oooh, here comes drama.

me: justin's coming down, kathleen's my new co-worker. i'm gonna have a lot of fun this summer.


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