Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 10
Ch-10 First Week

“Same model only, do the rest as Assignment and give it tomorrow. If not ten times imposition”
Math teacher’s voice seemed to sound far far away, my eyelids were drooping as I balanced my chin on my palms!!
I lost control and my elbow slipped and my head dropped down with a noise. Couple of boys noticed it. My teacher did too. Shweet.
”You…at the last bench….get up. Tell what I said”
I got up and I had an uncontrollable urge to stretch my arms, but it would’ve meant another fine and I didn’t want to lose any more money.
“Umm…..same model sum…rest assignment….if not imposition” I repeated lazily.
‘rest’ usually meant 20 or 25 sums. Another sleepless night then

It’s been a week since I’ve come to this “Hell in the middle of the forest”. It’s been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!!

I’ve never used to getting up at 5 AM in the morning, leave alone having to travel for 1 hr in an uncomfortable bus, eat breakfast which messes up my stomach AND I’ve gotta sit in the same place for four continuous hours till I’m allowed to go to lunch. I get back from lunch, sit for another four hours and then I’ve gotta RUN back to my bus to save a seat for myself or else I’m left standing.
When I get home it’s a totally different story, I yell at my mom for not preparing the right food even before I get to know what she’s prepared. I yell at my Dad for not getting me a Chocolate or IceCream or a game or even a new Bike!!! Sometimes, I find reason to call up my brother and yell at him too.

This is what I’ve been doing for the past week. At first mom was a bit sympathetic towards me, like advising me that I’ll get used to it. But even she got tired of it after the third day when I threw her cell phone away from the bed as it disturbed my evening nap.

My college doesn’t have an official rule book and now I know why. It would’ve exceeded a phone directory. We are restricted to do almost everything. The basic important rule is that boys and girls are not allowed to talk to each other. If they are seen talking, or even exchanging glances, their ID cards will be taken from them and they’ll be fined 500 rs. Cameras were placed all around the college campus and even in the class room. Restroom is the only place in which cameras weren’t placed. Thank god for that.
Boys and girls were never left alone in the classroom. When the teacher goes out of the class, girls are supposed to go out with them and stand outside the class. The next teacher is supposed to bring them inside. We found it weird at first, but it became a regular practice and the girls looked like they are getting used to it.

Dress code is another issue. Students were supposed to wear ONLY formal, i.e. typical interview type dress without the tie. The shirt should be neatly tucked in, buttoned and cuffed. The students are checked at the gate everyday for proper dress codes and were fined immediately if found guilty. Even the tiniest hint of a beard or a bit overgrown hair, that’s it. You’re supposed to make a visit to the principal and explain to him the reason for which you haven’t cut your hair. Principal must be really busy.

ID cards must be worn ALL THE TIME. It cannot come off your neck for even one second. ID card is pretty much like the license to walk around the campus. All the teachers look at our necks when we first walk past them, and if we’re found without our ID cards, then we’re in big trouble. Usually ID card is taken away by the staff members if the students break any of the colleges 4532 rules. He has to pay the fine to retrieve his ID card back from the respective staff member. A student can NOT walk without his ID cards in the campus as he is questioned every 10 m by the staffs, watchmen and even drivers have some fun with us if they’re bored.

There are usually three floor supervisors patrolling the corridor looking out for trouble. These people are henchmen hired by the management to catch hold of students misbehaving. Floor Supervisors look like thugs and they behave like thugs too. Their only job is to catch students who show even the slightest sign of breaking the rules. Serious misconduct is dealt with….beating up of the student. Only extreme cases. That’s what the seniors told me.

I had a strong feeling that there were more surprises to be had. This was only the beginning.

This was a Saturday evening, and my college works full day on every Saturdays. They don’t want us to waste our Sundays, they give us enough work to keep us working till Sunday midnight. We gotta come back the next day. Interesting right??

Math was the last hour on Saturday, the teacher left after the bell rang. She had to catch the same bus too. There’s no way to get back into the city if we miss the bus.

”This sucks da” Suri was telling me. I sat next to him the first day and haven’t moved since. He’s the only guy with whom I share some kind of a friendship. Other students are nice too, but me and Suri were on the same level.
“What to do machi??” I responded, while arranging my 6 books and notebooks in my bag. Heavy thing.
“If I had known it’ll be this hectic….i would’ve opted for gone for B.Sc Computer Science”
”IF you don’t go for your bus, you’ll be eaten by lions….we’ll talk tomorrow…..”
”Tomorrow is a Sunday dude….”
”yeah don’t be surprised if you receive a SMS from the college, informing you that tomorrow is a working day”
Suri looked blank for a bit and then he got the joke.
“Sure thing man!!! See ya!!”
”See you da”
I walked towards my bus which was almost full.
Damn. My little joke with Suri cost me my seat today!!
When I went in, there was luckily one seat left at the back, I usually don’t sit at the back but today it looked like that’s the only place left.
I went down there and sat down when a I was tapped on the shoulder
”Seat taken, stand”
Ah crap. These stupid seniors. They’ve been trying to rag me for a week now, I’ve slept off and they couldn’t wake me up. You can’t wake up someone who’s pretending to sleep, can you??
It looks like they’ve planned up something today. They tried ragging ShivaBalaSumbramanian but he always ended up talking about studies. They got bored. Couple of the other first years was ragged to and finally it was my turn. I had no idea what they were gonna make me do, I wasn’t gonna sing or dance for god’s sake.

“You…whats ur name??” The most stupid looking senior asked me.
He’s not gonna confisticate my ID Card, why should I be scared of him??
“Sid” I replied in one word.
“Heyy…don’t take that tone with me….senior…mind it”
Yeah Right….i told myself. Believe me dude, I DON’T wanna be your junior.
As he was discussing with his friends about what to make me do, I looked around desperately for a seat to sit. None were to be found. Bad day to make a joke, Sid!
“See here….” He looked forward to check if any staff members were watching, they were fast asleep. “If you want to survive in this college, you have to listen to the seniors ok??”
“Hey Bashir…cut the lecture….ragg….” A guy next to him said. He had the look for the perfect kissass.
“Got any change??” Bashir asked me.
That’s ROBBING dude. I was reluctant.
“I wont take it. Give me” He said again, outstretching his hand.
I took a one rupee coin from my pant pocket and handed it over. IF they would let me go for this one rupee, I’ll be more than happy to give it to him.
But they seemed to have different plans.
”I want you to imagine this as a steering wheel….and I want you to drive” Bashir said. His friends all roared out laughing. Bashir looked pleased with himself.
How stupid can u get man??? Seriously!! Engineering students are dumb!!! Oopsie….that includes me too.
I was tired….i have a hectic Sunday to look forward too….i just got the damn coin and drove away till the bus reached my stop. College bus that is!


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