Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 25
the joy of friendship

"your aunt told me why you had come," lassie said as she pleated her skirt neatly.

"what do you mean why i came?" sunshine asked.

"she told me about you attacking your maid and everything. and about you becoming..." lassie's voice trailed off and her eyes darted away.

"becoming such a horrible and scary girl? it was not my fault! it never was! it was my mother! i hate her for it!" sunshine's voice hardened.

"sunshine. no one can make you become like that. you are the one that can choose to become like that-"

"my mother forced me into this! i can't help it. imagine being locked at home for all your life, surely it would change you even if you resisted," sunshine remained steady on her stand.

lassie sighed, " well but you're here to change it all. reverse it in some way. get a new life. the life you longed for once. and only you can change that hatred you have for your mother. at least your mother had never abandoned you despite your disability."

"but she was no better than that."

"sunshine! think about it, was she cruel to you? she gave you what you needed to survive and gave in to your whims. moreover she kept you in only to protect you."

sunshine looked into lassie's eyes with pure annoyance, "did my aunt tell you to tell me this? i bet my mother was the one that told my aunt what to say anyway."

lassie smiled, "how'd you know it was your aunt?"

seeing lassie's playful grin, sunshine could not resist to giggle, "it sounds just like her." sunshine was shocked that she could laugh at her hatred towards her mother. she was surprised lassie could actually made her laugh. she had not laugh at all but lassie could make her happy. she embraced the moment, reliving the joy of friendship she once had a long time ago.


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