Freedom (Completed!)
Author: M.L. Holt

Chapter 7
First Day

Work was terrible.

Both me and Donovan ended up with register, which is a lot harder than it seems. All the buttons just look meaningless to me, and I keep forgetting to give the customer the recept. I get yelled at a lot, and people often make gestures to me that make no sense, but I can tell they're intended as insults. I don't like this.

The good news is, with our first weeks pay checks and the money we got from begging combined, we had enough to but school supplies. We also discovered the need to wear baggy hoodies, because of the whole wing difficulty. They folded up enough to fit under the shirts, but were bulky and it was obvious there was something there.

So a week later, we set out for school. I was dreading it, but with everything that had happened to me, I didn't think anything could be worse.

It was actually a short walk to school, so we set out on foot, staying well away from the traffic of the main road. Everthing was still so new to me, and I longed to stay and just watch, but I knew school was important.

We finally made it, walking into the school. Out of the nice, beautiful world and into crowds of teenagers. Did anyone look forward to it?

We stopped at the main office for out scheduals, then made our way to our first class, Geometry.

The moment we walked in the door, the room went silent, and all eyes turned to us. Fantastic. Not.

The teacher, who introduced herself as Mrs. Cheatwood, then introduced us to the rest of the class. I almost laughed out loud when she said "This is Avery and Devin Smith,"

That probably would have gotten me in trouble.

We took our seats, in the back, and sat silently until class began. The entire time, no one spoke a word to us, but there were many whispered conversations all around us, and judging by the looks we kept getting, most of them were about us.

The class dragged on for what seemed like forever, but finally, Mrs. Cheatwood dismissed us, and everyone simultaineously rose from their desks and started filing out the door, converstions starting among friends.

As I started to stand, a boy stopped by my side, waiting. I looked up to see that he was.... considerably cute. Not like Donovan was, but probably close to it.

"Hey. Can I help you?" I said when he didn't move or say anything.

"I'm Aaron. I was just wondering....." he said, but trailed off, his cheeks flushed. I almost laughed out loud, but knew this wasn't a laughing matter for him. I decided to let this one go.

"Hey, I've got Advanced Lit next. Could you show me where that is?" I knew it was one of the two classes I didn't share with Donovan, so I decided I would like the company.

"Yeah, sure. You got Mr. Pope?" he asked, as I pulled out my schedual to check. I showed it to him, and he looked it over, delighted. "We have all the same classes. I'd be happy to be your guide for the day, if you want."

He seemed really hopeful, so I said, "That'd be great, thanks," We walked in silence to our next classroom, and sat near the back. I could feel him watching me, but I refused to acknowledge that, trying to look like I had nothing to worry about.

"So where are you from?" he finally asked, breaking the silence. Of course, there were people all around us, but it was as if we were in our own world.

"Georgia," I said, glad Donovan had thought to give us a covor story.

Just then, Mr. Pope started class, and we dropped the conversation for another hour and a half.

The rest of the day passed in a similar fasion. I ate lunch with Aaron, since Donovan had a different lunch period. Aaron showed me to all of my classes, and was happy to have Donovan join us when we had the same classes. Making a new friend hadn't been as hard as I'd thought it would be.

That's two in less than two weeks. I was on a roll.


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