An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 24
Lucifer's Call

     Very slowly, I sat up in bed. Outside, a thunderstorm came to life. Lightning flashed like nature's strobe light, and thunder pierced the sky with a thundering crack. As if in a trance, my feet carried me to the back porch- somewhere that had often been visited during storms.
     This time was different, though. My legs continued to carry me towards the wooded area near my house. It was like I was in a trance, or something was calling me to the woods. The briers on the ground caused my bare feet a numb pain that wouldn't be noticeable until later. Then, I stopped, and no air could get to my lungs. My legs buckled beneath me, throwing my knees into the mud and leaves.
     A monotone voice rang through my ears, "I see my son is doing a more thorough job on protecting you than that other boy."
     My breath returned in short little gasps, "What... do you... want?"
     Laughter erupted like a maniacal thunder. "Isn't it obvious, my dear? I want you." My breath still caught, preventing me from talking. Rain drenched my hair and pajamas, further covering me in mud. I began clawing at the earth. Mud and leaves flew in all directions, mixing with the blood from where my fingernails had been torn off. Then, there was nothing. Darkness was surrounding me, suffocating me.
     A figure stepped forward, the only thing darker than the shadows. There was a thump, like a cane hitting rock. The- room?- was illuminated, showing me the man's face. He looked just like I imagined him- all black and white. The only color to him was the scarlet suit and silver dragon's head on his cane.
     The chill of rain finally set in, sending me into a spasm of cold chills. There was fresh blood on my fingers and feet. "Hello, Jasmine," He smiled at me, sending more chills through me. I didn't respond, and his sinister grin faded. Hot pain blossomed in my jaw, a coppery taste welling in my mouth. "I prefer it when people answer me."
     "You didn't ask a question," My response was mixed with blood, but that didn't affect my bravado.
     He grinned again. "Clever little thing, aren't we?"
     "Only when I have to be."
     He pulled me up to my feet, staring deep into my eyes. "My son has taken an interest in you; I don't know why- he has Lilith." Anger exploded inside me. Without thinking, I spit the remaining amount of blood that was in my mouth into his face. He didn't react like I expected him to. While holding me up with one hand, he wiped the blood and spit away from his face with the other. Then his fuse ended. "That was a mistake," He threw me down, and my eyes opened. Very slowly, I took in my surroundings. I was back in the woods, drenched and muddy.
     When trying to hobble back to the porch so I could get out of the rain, my legs failed me, sending me to the sodden ground once again. My mind began distancing itself from me, my consciousness slipping away. At the edge of what was left of my comprehensive thoughts, I felt arms wrapping around me, lifting me up from the ground. It was probably James. The back door opened and closed almost silently, and I was grateful for the immediate warmth that greeted me.
     The springs on the bed groaned as I was gently placed on it. My consciousness was slowly returning, just enough for me to talk. "Thank you, James."
     Whoever had brought me inside laughed. "It's not James, Jasmine. I'm actually surprised you don't remember me carrying you. I've only done it about five times."
     I sat up a bit to fast, and a wave of dizziness hit me. I held my hand to my forehead and took a few deep breaths. "Whoa, slow down there, tiger." He walked towards me and placed one hand on my shoulder, his other hand on my knee.
     "What do you want, Ephraim?" I asked, my voice a bit edgy.
     Ephraim took his hands away from me. "I was seeing if you were having any more nightmares. My father is starting to take to him dream-eaters more and more now, so I was just checking on you. I guess he decided it wasn't enough to send one of his lackeys after you anymore."
     I turned towards him. "What exactly did he do to me anyway?" My jaw began aching once again.
     "Basically the same thing Jasen and Thate were doing, but I can't help you if he hurts you." Remorse was evident in his voice.
     "Why not?" I asked, and immediately hoped that I sounded interested not annoyed.
     He turned towards me, his eyes bright with some sort of emotion. Anger maybe? "Because when my father banished me, it meant that I couldn't enter Hell, not even to save my charge."
     "So, what makes me so important that he had to personally hurt me?" Ephraim just shrugged. "Well, what do we do now?"
     He sat down next to me on the bed. "Right now, we need to clean you up and heal you. I'll heal you first, then leave so you can shower."
     "What if he tries attacking me again, but doesn't want to keep me alive?" My voice was calmer than expected.
     "I'll have to alert either Peter or Carson. They aren't welcome in Hell, but they aren't banished." He then began rifling around in his pockets. He pulled out a small knife.
     "What are you going to do?" I asked.
    He smiled faintly. "My father hurt you, which means you need Guardian blood to heal you." He pulled the knife over his wrist and a golden line formed.
    "Why didn't that happen when you got into fights?"
    Ephraim put the knife back in his pocket. "It's hard to explain, but it's sort of like an on and off switch. I decide when I want my healing to go on or off." He wiped his finger across the cut and placed it on my jaw. He then repeated the process with my hands and legs. Warmth spread throughout my blood as if it were warm water. "There, all better?"
    I twisted my neck from side to side. "Yes, I feel one-hundred percent better. Thank you, Ephraim." He nodded and then he was gone. "I have a front door, you know."
    After showering and making myself comfortable on the bed, my mind replayed the conversation Zander and I had at the restaurant. "I remember when I met Ephraim. He and I were both in middle school, and the first day he came, I befriended him. The reason I befriended him was because I got into a fight that day, and he got me out of it. It was only after I found out the truth the significance of me being in a fight with who I did."
     Already knowing the answer, I asked, "Who was it?"
     "It was Jasen and Thate. After that, my nightmares began getting worse and worse. After a few months of having nightmares and being saved by a winged guy, Ephraim finally told me. At first, I thought it was amazing, aside from the fact that my life was in peril. Then, he told me about Lucifer."
     "Why did you get so angry about it?"
     "Because, the guy that I thought was protecting me came from the guy who was sending his minions after me to kill me. Why aren't you upset about it?" Zander's voice remained level, but his anger was evident in his eyes.
     "I'm not upset about it, because I'm still alive. If it weren't for Ephraim, then I might not be alive. Don't you get it Zander; it was luck that Peter was able to protect you after you abjured Ephraim."
     "Yeah, lucky me that I got stuck with Satan's son." He rolled his eyes.
     I took a deep breath, not quite understanding why I was defending Ephraim. "You're acting like it's his fault that he was born. You think he want's to be Satan's son? Really, what's your problem with him? It's been like four years, let it go. You're safe, and as soon as Ephraim is done protecting me, he'll go away." I didn't exactly know if the last part was true or not. He glanced at his watch.
     "Come on. I'll take you home; it's getting late." At that moment, I didn't really care if he avoided my questions or not, I just wanted to go home. The drive was silent, only the radio keeping it from being completely awkward. Zander came around and opened the door for me, then walked me to the door. "Goodnight, Jazz." He gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking back to the car and driving away.
     After letting the conversation confuse me some more, I drifted off to sleep. Fortunately, nothing else haunted my dreams that night.


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