I Say Essay
Author: Busy Bubbles

Chapter 1
Abba’s trip

Hello dear readers, my name is Abba and this is the story of my family’s caravan and our trip though three kingdoms.
“Father?” I ask my dad, Addo. “Yes, my child.” Was his reply. “When are we going to stop? I am oh so thirsty!” I said with a dry throat. “Now my sweet child, as we are here in the kingdom of Ghana again.” He answered kindly. He handed me the water skin and I drunk contently, happy to be back at the place of my birth. “Where are we going to start our trading?” I asked my mother, Koko, thinking of the salt we brought back with us from the desert. Just then a traveler from the north saw us and asked: “What goods, do ye bring, oh traveled ones?” He was a thin man with beady green-brown eyes that showed nothing, but many hardships. My dad replied: “Salt of the desert, good sir.” In his kind, but professional manner. Board after watching the trade take place two small pieces of gold for two hand full’s of salt. I looked for anything of interest and saw a young man in a shroud. He was no more the twenty. He looked so sad, so I had to ask what was wrong. “What saddens you good sir?” Is what I said. “Huh!? Oh! Just a little girl.” He had started at me question and now seemed relived that I was, as he put it, a little girl. “I am very sorry, sir. I meant not to surprise you. I wished to see what was troubling you.” I said apologetically. “Oh, nothing of casern for young one.” was has reply, but his voice cracked like he had been crying not long ago. “But, good sir I very much wish to know.” I said hoping he might tell. “Very well, if you must know I am deep trouble as it was my future wife they were going to kill, I had to save her, and, and” He stumbled over each word as he spoke very fast. “Calm, calm, good sir. Speak slowly, please.” I said as soothingly as I could. “Fine. My name is Mamadou Sarolle and I am very deep trouble as have taken the women they were going to sacrifice to the snake.” He said much calmer, but his body was shaking. Stunned he did such a thing I ask him why he would do it. “Because she is my one and only love.” He said. Understanding he did it for his love I told him to go and hide out side the kingdom with her so he might not be found and killed. He nodded and thanked me and ran off. I never saw him again. I then saw a beautiful dress made of the loveliest fabric. It was very interesting. Besides that the place looked the same, many farms and mines. The next week passed with nothing of interest happening, other the person finding out their sacrifice was gone. My dad knowing bad things might happen left with us to go to the kingdom of Mali. After a few days travel we made it there. “Dear dairy we have been in Mali two days now and” I was saying aloud on the side of our camp when I saw a man in a hood walking as if he had better not be seen. As I was unsure who he was and wanting to know more I walked half way over before calling: “Are you looking for anything, sir?” He turned with a start and asked: “Could keep it down child, you see I am on vacation and cannot be seen by my people.” Wondering what he meant be his people, I asked him: “What do you mean your people?” He looked around and finding no one near he moved his hood. “It is I Mansa Musa ruler of this land.” He told me. “Oh! I am very sorry for being so rude sir!” I said very fast. “Relax child, I am not mad, just don’t tell any one you saw me.” And with that he was gone. My dad traded more and we ate well. I saw a farm that grew beans, which I had never seen before. I also saw a very interesting goat with black fur. We soon left to go to the far end of the camel trade route in the Kingdom of Songhai. Here we ate boiled beans and saw many other traders on camels. I also found an interesting spot out of sight a mud house with many neat windows and rails. I soon met scholars from just about everywhere! One was very nice and invited us to lunch, which was mainly made of breads. His name was Abdiraxman. And that was my trip to three kingdoms.


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