Do You Want to Die?
Author: Nikki Neon

Chapter 8
Chapter 8

Chapter 8

            Erika had been asleep when she heard a frantic banging on her door. 

            “Apartment 2B you need to get out and go upstairs right now, this is not a drill.  Take whatever you think you could kill with.”  She sat bolt upright in bed.  She looked at the book on her nightstand and knew she had to be dreaming.  She got up and answered the door anyway, and sure enough, there was a man there. 

            “Please change quickly into tight clothing and meet on the third floor.”  The man then ran upstairs and Erika was left alone.  She ran into her apartment thankful her brothers had a sleepover.  She changed into skinny jeans and a skintight black tee pulled her hair up and was about to leave, when she noticed she was wearing slippers.  She traded her slippers for some black combat boots and ran to the kitchen.  She stuck two kitchen knives in her belt and put her Swiss army knife in her boot as an afterthought.  As she ran outside, Selena was just running up the stairs in skinny jeans and a hot pink tee, also very tight fitting.  Her hair was disheveled and her eyes had a crazy look.

            “Come on Selena!  Let’s go!”  She pushed her friend upstairs and turned around.  She thought she saw another girl she knew from their building, but she did not look back to check.  She did not stop running until they had made it to the third floor where the building had set up an entire defense area.  There was plenty of food and water for all of them and there was a giant pile of weapons of all kinds.  She knew that most of the people who lived in the building were gangsters, but this was ridiculous.  She picked up what she assumed was an AK-47 and handed Selena a pistol.  The girl did not know how to shoot. 

            They sat down and waited.  More people ran up the stairs and she was surprised to see a girl she did know.  It was Aileen, the skateboarder.  Erika had always admired her and her talent.  She wore the big skateboarding shoes with neon colors flashing and hot pink skinny pants.  Her electric blue tee clung to her, and she even wore a baseball cap sideways.  She had blue eyes and brown hair with bangs that swept into her face occasionally but in a way that all people found attractive.  Even now, people were checking her out.  She grabbed a pistol and sat down next to Erika. 

            “We’re in deep shit.”

            “Yeah I know.”  She looked over at Aileen and smiled.  They could have been great friends had they actually gotten to know each other.  Just then, the man that had come to Erika’s door began to speak. 

            “We need two fast people to go and shut off the power to the elevators.”  Aileen seemed to ponder something then stood up, walked  to the front of the room, and waited for the last of the group.  Erika sighed and stood.  She was on the track team and had the best record, so that meant she had to go.  She had to help these people. 

            “Here’s a map of the building, be careful.”  He showed the two girls where they room was and then continued to address the rest of the giant group.        Apparently, they were taking out the staircase.  That meant that they had better hurry, or they were going to be dinner. 

            They walked around downstairs extremely cautiously.  There was no telling if the creatures had already come into the building or not.  Erika wondered how Selena was, if she was doing all right with all those boys.  She was truly concerned for best friend.     

            “Do you remember where we were supposed to go?”  Erika asked once they reached a hallway. 

            “We’re going to the right.”  Erika nodded her head and followed Aileen.  She felt like a super spy for the FBI or the CIA but definitely not like someone fighting for their life from a few zombies.  Aileen peered around the corner and jumped out checking behind her, gun pointed forward.  She drew it close and headed down the hallway.  Erika was right behind her.  The walked a little farther ways down until they came upon the buildings control room.  Aileen kicked open the door and looked to either side before entering.  They had definitely been lucky so far.  Erika walked up to the desk and sat down, setting her weapon next to her.  Aileen stood guard at the door, just in case. 

            Erika had always been good with computers, but this was a complicated system.  She slid around the desk, trying to be quiet. 

            “What the hell is taking you so long?”  Aileen whispered. 

            “It’s complicated…even for a shitty apartment complex.”  She tapped a few more buttons and then a quick combination on the keyboard.  She stuck one of the knives in a key lock, turned it and saw on the monitor that elevator power had been shut down.  She replaced her knife, grabbed her gun and turned to the door. 

            “Aileen?”  She whispered.  They were not supposed to leave each other.  She peered to her right, saw nothing, and peered to her left.  What she saw made her stomach lurch.  They had finally broken into the building.  Aileen was fighting for her life, desperate not to be bitten.  Erika approached cautiously and pulled one of the knives out of her belt.  She had to get this perfect. 

            “Aileen duck!”  As soon as her head was out of the way, Erika threw the kitchen knife, hitting the zombie in the eye. 

            “Aileen…stick it in!”  She understood immediately and jumped, slamming her foot forward, kicking the knife with her heel and sticking it farther in, hitting its brain.  The zombie moaned and then fell forward.  Aileen quickly grabbed the knife and ran back to Erika. 

            “We have to find another way out.”  She whispered frantically.  Erika nodded and turned around to run.

            “We’re going the wrong way!”  Aileen yelled.

            “Well we can’t go that way!”  Erika yelled back. 

            They ran around the halls trying to find the stairs.  When they did, they ran as fast as their legs could carry them.  The zombies somehow were able to keep up.  Erika was bounding up the stairs when she tripped.  She was grabbed around the ankle and was being pulled down.  She screamed and tried to hit the zombie with her gun but she missed.  Something hit her assailant in the head and he staggered backward.  She grabbed Aileen’s out stretched hand and got up, running.  That had been a very narrow escape.  They stopped when they reached where the third story stairs should be.  True to their word, the stairs had been demolished. 

            “Hey!  We’re back!”  A fire escape ladder, the kind you hung out your window, was lowered.  Erika shoved Aileen toward the ladder.  Aileen climbed as quickly as she could and as soon as there was room, Erika jumped on.  Aileen was at the top when she was pulled up to the third story.  Erika climbed as quickly as she could and made it before the zombies pulled the ladder down.  She was panting and out of breath. 

            “How many did you dispatch?”

            “What?”  Aileen asked, trying to catch her breath as well.  That brush with death had not been pleasant. 

            “How many were killed?”

            “One.”  The man’s face looked dissatisfied but he smiled. 

            “At least now there’s one less.”  He helped them both up and smiled again. 

            “I’m David by the way.”  Erika nodded and hurried back to Selena.  She was crying, the sobs racking her body.  She looked up, mascara running down her cheeks and smiled in relief.  She threw her arms around Erika and cried some more. 

            “I thought you weren’t coming back.  They waited as long as they could, but they thought you had died.  I was so worried!”  Erika stroked her hair and patted her head, trying to comfort her. 

            “It’s OK I’m here.”

            Selena nodded her head and calmed down.  She wiped her eyes and started breathing calmly again.  Erika held her and rocked her as Selena fell asleep.  Erika plugged her ears with cotton and eventually fell asleep as well.  God help them all. 


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