My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 44
My Worthless "Sister"

My Worthless "Sister"


My supposed "sister",

In a hospetial bed,

And all because she,

Happens to be fucked in the head,

We all know her problems,

But don't give a shit,

Mabey we are too harsh,

Mabey we should care a bit,

Though this way here,

It's far more fun,

It's hilerious watching her fear,

Of what is to come,

The pain in her eyes,

She hates this game,

She know it's all lies,

But brings this family shame,

Her ugly face and ruined hair,

I can't even imagine why,

Anyone would pretend they care,

Have you seen her recently,

What she's going threw,

I garuntee anyone reading,

Her lifeless body doesn't know what to do,

Why the doctors decided,

To keep someone so ugly alive,

When all she ever does,

Is hang near the bee hive,

Apparently their constant hum,

Keeps her relaxed and calm,

And she continues to claim,

When she's older she'll own a farm,

Someone as worthless as her?

Haha omg-yea fucking right!

I could continue to explain,

But no-let's call it a night.


Written By *~Sammii~*

(Jessie's Sister)


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