Do You Want to Die?
Author: Nikki Neon

Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Chapter 5

            Rodney walked inside the janitor’s closet excited and tense.  He left the light on until he could be sure Selena had arrived, and that it was Selena who was waiting for him.  He had been fooled before, but not again.  Not this time.  He pulled his shirt off, so that if Selena had any second thoughts, she would change her mind once she saw his completely muscled chest.  Rodney heard heavy panting outside of the door.  Someone clumsily opened the door and stumbled inside, shutting it quietly after him or her.

            “You are very naughty!  You little minx you!”  Bailey?  Why was Bailey here?  Rodney peered his head around and saw his best friend making out with the new boy. He cleared his throat and both boys looked up embarrassed.

            “Closet is occupied.”  Rodney spoke briskly hoping to get them out of there faster.  Bailey nodded his head in understanding and pulled his friend along with him, probably finding some other vacant room in which to enjoy them.  The door opened again and this time he saw the legs he wanted to see.  He looked up into the face of Selena. 

            “Lets make this quick.”  She whispered.  He nodded his head.  He pinned her against the wall and whispered in her ear.

            “You have to earn it girl.”  She cowered down and then stood up again.  She would not let anyone boss her around…

            Rodney and Selena emerged from the closet a few short minutes later, exhausted but happy.  They had made plans to catch a movie the next week after school.  The school bell rang and hurried off to class. 

            The bell rang, signaling the end of the day.  Bailey had been talking to Jacob, the new boy. 

            “So Bailey, do you want to catch a movie sometime?”  Jacob looked up shyly at him through his bangs.  He is so adorable when he does that!  Bailey’s cheeks turned pink as he nodded his head.

            “I’m spending the night with a friend tonight, how about…”

            “Tomorrow?”  The boy quickly interjected.

            “OK.”  Bailey brushed Jake’s hair out of his face and ran a finger across his cheek before turning around and running to his friends.  Jake touched his face and smiled.  He had a date with the hottest boy in school!  That and he was an excellent kisser.

            “So are the plans still on?  We are still spending the night right?”

            “Yeah, you’re still spending the night.  Why wouldn’t you be?”

            “Just wondering Aaron.  You know I don’t like cancelled plans.”  

            “What are we talking about guys?”
            “Rodney you’re sweating.”

            “Shut up Bailey.  I met up with Mary…she needed some stuff.”

            “I thought you had a date with Selena?”

            “It was a business deal!”

            “She won’t see it that way.”

            “Shut up you queer!”  Bailey turned around and walked to his locker to gather his things.  He may have been good friends with Rodney but he did not like being picked on or talked down.  He was proud of the way he was and nothing could change the way he felt about himself.  He grabbed his backpack and walked outside to get on the bus.  He sat next to Aaron as usual, but against the window so he would not have to talk to Rodney. 


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