Do You Want to Die?
Author: Nikki Neon

Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Selena admired her reflection in bathroom mirror.  She had always been jealous of Erika’s womanly curves but she was beautiful too.  She ran her hands through her wavy black hair, black as the night sky before the stars appear. She had pale pink lips that were thin but soft.  Her pale blue eyes stuck out like sapphires in the darkness of an unforgiving night.  Her skin was pale white, though she desperately wanted a tan.  She hated being pale, especially since all the other kids were. She was taller than the average female but she still considered herself short, so she often wore heels to make up for it. She walked into her closet and looked at all of the clothes she owned.  She had more than others had, but still felt like a common person.  She would skip school today and go to the public school instead.  She did it often so they had a schedule for her, and she had her own locker and books.  She decided today that she would try to look sexy for that Bailey boy at school.  Rumors were circulating that he was gay, but even if he was, many a gay man had turned for Selena.  She put on her brand new hot pink mini skirt and black scoop neck shirt, showing some cleavage.  Her knee high boots went on as usual, and she was out the door after sprit zing some perfume on and grabbing her school bag. She did not have time to wait for her parents so she was driving herself to school.  She knocked on Erika’s door and was surprised to see her friend dressed differently. She was wearing her hair in a high ponytail, pinned close to her head and extremely tight clothes that hugged all of her curves.  On anyone else, it would have been a fashion disaster, but on Erika, it only accentuated her womanly figure more, making her look more sexy than usual.

            “What’s with the getup?”  Selena pointed to her friends outfit.

            Erika dug through her school bag until she had produced what she had been looking for.  She shoved a book in Selena’s face.

            “Can you not talk?”  Erika shook her head.  She pointed to her throat and shook her head again.  She must have gotten sick.  There was a bug going around school.  It only lasted for a few hours, but it was annoying as hell.   

            “This is completely ridiculous!  Like this would ever happen Erik.  Come on let’s get to school.”  Selena grabbed her friends arm and ran down the stairs and outside to her waiting car where they drove off without another word.


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