Do You Want to Die?
Author: Nikki Neon

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

            Erika Daniels was a busy teenager.  She went to school everyday and sure tried her hardest, getting A’s in all of her classes.  She hung out with her friends on weekends, going to the mall or going go carting with cute boys.  However, after school everyday, she went back to her slum apartment complex on the second story where she lived with her mother and two younger brothers, Jeremy and Abel.  Her mother was an alcoholic with a bad temper and was still hung up over her father leaving them.  Erika let it go, could get past it at times and sometimes she screamed into her pillow at night.  Still, her mother took it farther than anyone had ever thought possible.  She completely lost her marbles.  Jeremy had bruises and cuts on his arms and legs, just barely invisible underneath his shirt.  Abel sometimes did not show up for school because of the beatings he received.  Erika had to take care of the kids all the time.  She never complained to anyone, not even to her best friend Selena. Selena lived in her apartment complex as well, on the first floor.  She was an only child and still had both her parents.  The only reason they lived in the rundown place was that they were putting Selena through private school.  The only private school was in the next city over, so they had to get up early and drive her everyday.  Some days they drove Erika to school as well, though not usually.  Selena’s parents knew what Erika was going through and they felt bad for her.  But Erika had learned to cope and had made a shell, a shell that know one could break through and that no one was ever let in.  She refused to love anyone because the only love she had ever seen had always led to bad things.

            Erika was in the school library one day searching for a book to read, not wanting to go home.  She picked one up and leafed through it looking at all its dog-eared pages.  This book has seen some use, she thought.  She went to check it out and went home to prepare dinner for the family.  After they had eaten their week old hotdogs, Erika sat down to read the book that she had checked out previously that day.  The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead.  It was a best-seller and Erika knew that she had to read it.  Maybe she would get a good laugh out of it.  She started reading it that night and did not stop until she had reached the Recorded Attacks section of the book.  She put it down and rubbed her tired eyes.  She needed to get to sleep she had a big geography final the next day and it was already, midnight.  She put on some pajamas and settled down on the couch to go to sleep.


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