The Lying Eyes
Author: MadKilljoy

Chapter 1
Every Nation Falls


My mom once told me that in history, every great empire or nation would fall. It was a natural process, a cycle, it happened eventually to all of them, the leader was overthrown, or other empires started to attack. Or the empire just destroyed itself, it collapsed because of what it did to itself. That's what happened to what they used to call America, now we call it Lapendor. No one really knows why they call it this, but no one dares to disagree with the Council. I sometimes wonder if our sort-of-empire will ever collapse, the council wouldn't let that happen, would they? I don't trust them, but many people do, and if they knew my thoughts of them, who knows what would happen to me.


I closed my eyes and breathed in the smell of the meadow flowers. If my mom knew I was here, she would have a panic attack, there was a rumor that the "dark ones" were attracted to the meadow here. Every time I heard this, I would roll my eyes. My dad used to bring me here, we would come and sit on the hill, and just look out over the huge meadow of the blue flowers, it was like looking at an ocean kind of. I sighed and rested my head on my worn out jeans. He wasn't one of them, I told myself, he's not one of them.


I lay down on the grassy earth, I listened to my own heart beat, the rhythmic beating. My dad had taught me to be aware of things around me, to listen to the earth, to observe interactions. That was how I learned, I didn't bother going to the small school that had been set up, I knew it would just be another place to be an outcast in.


Many people in the community didn't accept me, many of them ignored me, or when I saw them, they wouldn't look at my face. Although the words usually went unspoken, I could tell what they were thinking just by the way they acted, and I could hear their whispers, sometimes they didn't even bother to whisper at all, they just said it. There were people who didn't judge me though, they knew better than to believe the rumors, they knew they were all lies. I looked just like my dad, that's why they were so disapproving of scared. I had his strong bone structure and his strength, and a lot of the same traits in my personality as he did, but the most noticeable thing, was my violet eyes.


The "dark ones" had different colored eyes, not the normal dull blue or Grey-green color, the "dark ones" had beautiful eyes, although I'd never admit that to people, ever. They had eyes that were ocean blue, or forest green, or fire red, or honey yellow, or chocolate brown, or in my case, the rare deep violet. I wasn't one of them, but my father had apparently been converted into one of them, and it had been passed down to me, but that couldn't happen, it wasn't something that could be passed down through your family line. You had a choice, everyone has a choice.


I had gotten used to people thinking of me as the "half-blood", I had grown up with this as a label. I wasn't allowed around many of the other kids, their parents thought I would be a bad influence on the other kids, they thought that they would want to become like me. This didn't make much sense to me, considering that I don't even know what I am.


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