the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 73
To tire

To tire

I close my eyes and fall asleep

But as I wake I fall again

And soon before an hour pasts

I feel tired, I feel faint

My breathing now heavy and sad

My perseverance wearied out

Surely I should tell myself

That I can continue without a doubt

But the tiredness just keeps me back

And even as these words reveal

The sluggish and laziness I can hold

The tiredness of how I feel

It’s worse when sorrow

Abounds my soul

I dread to live

A dream foretold

If none of this had been asked

I would have felt so sad

But even when expectations are laid

It still makes me feel so bad

I fail by far to let it go

And give it up to the God I know

To let Him take control

And walk me through this living show

He opened my eyes to many things

Yet the love I once gave away

Now held back in selfish gain

No the words I should say

Does rhyming make things feel better

When it’s something I like to do

An escape from the world’s woes

If only this were true

Simple, harmless, saddened words

Shooting through my heart

Yet brokenness should I expect

When things and people tear me apart

There’s no one perfect, little child

Why can’t you just trust me

I will never let you down

But will I set you free

Everyone you love and cherish

Is worth the while always

But all of them will tear you down

One of these many days

They’ll break your heart with what they say

And make you cry those tears

Let you sit alone in silence

And make known all your fears

So now you know so very well

There’s only one that you should hold

For He will never let you down

Always warm never cold

Every man will someday tire

No matter how strong is he

But if you hold on to Jesus

Refreshed you will always be


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