Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 17
Thin She Looks...

Thin she looks, like stippled wheat
With anxious eyes and crippled feet
Flaxen hair and halting way
But Jesus baby.. Can she play?
A siren song on notes of gold
Floats out and lets the dark enfold
The lovers as they dance & sway
And kiss & smooch the night away.
She bends way back and holds the note
That muted trumpet starts to float
You’l never hear a better sound
From any jazz man in this town.
Exquisite is the word I’d use
Enticing is her favourite ruse
Alluring now in shades of gray
Her silky sequence soars away.
The song entwines your heart & soul
The moment stops, your pulse on hold
Fantastic senses start to reel
Hot n sexy’s how you feel.
You glide your way around the floor
Feel the rhythm, seek for more
That lady makes the music move
She’s making magic, in the groove
Swinging at the local hop
You’ll never want this night to stop
Thin girly with her magic horn
Convinces us we’re all reborn
You wake up in the light of day
Haggard, spent, bereft of hay
But Jesus boy.. You had a ball
You grooved that ladies trumpet call.
So count your blessings, share a smile
You’re winning by a country mile
When you did hear that lassie play
You stretched your life another day.
Thin she looks, like stippled wheat
Anxious eyes and crippled feet
Flaxen hair and halting way,
But Jesus brother….can she play!
Mangere Bridge
29th. September 2007


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