My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 37
Your Golden Chain

Your Golden Chain


I can't help but think how lucky I am,

To have you by my side everyday,

My man, my friend, my Sam,

You were gone for awhile,

But finally came back,

My heart beats faster when I see you,

And that's a fact,

You came back with gift in hand,

For me-as you say it,

I am your best friend,

You opened the box and inside it lay,

The most beautiful chain I've ever seen,

I've worn it till this day,

You hand crafted it specially for me,

It's wrapped loosely around my scarred wrist,

It sends me into day-dreams where I'm free,

Since we were ever so young,

We've played and fooled around,

All day having so much fun,

Now we're older but still so close,

Though I think you're blind,

You can't see I want you the most,

As I walk your golden chain starts to chime,

And I always swing my arms more,

Just to hear the time,

I miss you a ton and it's fair to say,

Whenever I think about you I feel like fame,

I'll love you always till the day,

I loose Your Golden Chain...




Written for my best friend Sam-Knox, loved him for 4 years now, he went to live in Papa New Guine for about 3 years and came back with a hand crafted chain braclet, it started out Silver, and tight on me, but as time worn on, it turned a faint bronze/gold colour, I hardly ever see him, for we live in different cities, but I'm always going to love him, and I'm always going to have this beautiful braclet.


Love You Sam!!


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