Freedom (Completed!)
Author: M.L. Holt

Chapter 2

Donovan ran down the hallway, adrenaline driving him to run faster. Fear gripped at him, urging him faster still. If they caught him, he would be punished severely. Just like the girl...

No. Don't think of her, he chasticed himself, you can't help her. You don't even know where she is.

He'd seen them bringing her to and from her cell, but he had only seen her face once, when she had tried to escape. She had been young, and they had caught her quickly, but it had motivated him to come up with this plan.


Donovan had always dreamed it, but he had never come this close to it. He turned onto a new hallway, heart racing as he thought of the sun that he hadn't seen in so many years.

He remembered the day he had first seen the girl. That dreadful day, when he had seen what they had done to her. He had run in, searching for his father, and had heard her scream, seen the wings growing from her back, and knew that his father had done this, and knew it was terribly wrong.

The next day, his father had done the same to him that he had done to the girl.

"You've seen too much. I'm sorry, son," he'd said.

Donovan could see the door that would lead to the outside. He just had to make it down this hallway, and he would be free.

Then he heard her scream.

He knew who it was the moment the screams started.

The girl.

She was here, in a room on this hall way.

Donovan skidded to a stop, turning to the sound. He knew his guards would be coming soon, but he couldn't leave her. He came to a stop in front of one of the doors, trying to force it open, only to find it was locked. He ran at it, and found that the wood was not very strong.

He was in the room. He could see her, crouched in the corner, trying to sheild her face from the blows the guards were giving her. They didn't notice his entrance, but someone else did. A man, standing in the center of the room.

Donovan ran at him, grasping the man's head in his hands as he tackled him, banging it against the ground hard enough to knock him out. He let out a yell, though, and in seconds the guards had turned on him.

Donovan straitened up, snapping his wings out just in time to catch the guards, stopping their attack effectively. He grasped them both around the neck, slamming them against the ground hard enough to knock them out.

And just like that, he had taken out her entire guard.

She looked at him in wonder, cuts across most of her body slowly painting her red with blood. Donovan strode toward her, holding out his hand.

"Come on," he said, "Let's get out of here,"

She grasped his hand, pulling herself upright, and just like that, his solo escape plan expanded to include the girl.

"They'll be coming soon," she said then, "We need to leave,"


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