The Queen of Kings
Author: Dyon

Chapter 2

    Something was odd about this place. This wasn’t the room that I had fallen asleep in. I started to wonder if I was dreaming now, and I had really been awake during that whole incident with the light. Both of these events seemed oddly out of the ordinary. The room I had gone to bed didn’t have any lights at all. This room had a candle chandelier above. The bed was large and had silk sheets and pillows. Everything was neat and orderly. Everything looked expensive and beautiful. Whatever this place was I definitely didn’t belong.
    I got out of the bed and looked down at myself. I was wearing a nightgown! Never before had I changed out of my day clothes when going to bed! Hell, I didn’t even own night clothes! Whatever dream this was, it definitely didn’t understand me at all.
    There was one final thing I had to check. I lifted up the nightgown and checked my stomach. “Damn…” I said out loud. “I’m pregnant even in my dreams.” This was a major disappointment. Even my dreams were against the thought of me having the perfect body that I once had. I put my nightgown back down and checked a tiny little mirror that sat on top of a very beautiful wooden dresser. My hair was completely straight even though I had just gotten out of the bed. Well, at least my dreams had got one thing right. I was still incredibly pale, but I looked as pretty as I once did. I think this was what made me start appreciating this dream that I was in.
    At this moment I began to get a little bit curious. I opened some of the drawers in the bureau and looked at the contents inside. The first drawer that I opened had a very sort supply of men’s clothing; mostly jeans, socks, and a couple shirts. The next draw was full of women’s clothing that was completely elegant and beautiful! I made a mental note to put on one of the dresses before I woke up. The third and final draw that I opened was full of a bunch of cards like the ones I used for my fortune telling. I knelt down on the floor and looked at some of the cards in the drawer. They had lovely rose patterns on the back of them. It was a perfect set of forty cards! There were ten cards there for each suit! My heart fluttered in happiness as I looked at these wondrous beauties! Too bad this was only a dream.
     I picked up one of the cards that were face down in the drawer. This wasn’t something I had ever seen before in my life. It was a face card, but it wasn’t a normal one. It was a picture of a moth-like creature with each of the four suits around it. At the very bottom of the card I saw six tiny words. I squinted my eyes I tried to read what was written there.

The Queen of Kings: Devil Moth

    An energy I had never felt before in my life was welling up inside of me. I felt like a part of me was becoming stronger by the minute. This wasn’t a feeling I would normally get when I am awake. In fact, I had never felt something like this while I have been awake. I hoped that I wouldn’t wake up anytime soon. I would never forgive myself I didn’t something incredibly stupid like that at a moment like this. I was happy at this moment. This card was literally filling me with the confidence and strength that had been stripped from me when I realized that I was pregnant even though I hadn’t done a single thing for that to happen.
    I stood up, the card still in my hand. I thought it would be best to change into something a bit nicer when I left this room. I reopened the dresser with all of the women clothes and took out and a black and silver dress. It looked like the sort of dress that maids would wear from the waking world. There was this corset dress that looked really fun to wear, but I knew that it wouldn’t fit in this body. Not even in my dreams would that ever happen.
    After I took off the nightgown and put on the maid dress I had a sudden feeling of sexiness. This wasn’t a feeling I was familiar with. Even before I got pregnant I never got this feeling. I loved it! I felt like a completely new woman. If there was any way this could be more than a dream I would be happier than ever. I tucked the devil moth card into the lacy bra that I had been wearing when I got out of the bed. Something was telling me that I should take it with me when I left the room. It might be important later down the road in the dream.
    It was about time, I felt, to leave this room and check out the rest of this world built inside of my head. I grabbed the golden doorknob, twisted, and left the room. The walls in this corridor were decorated with lit candles and several portraits of wealthy looking people. There was a gold mixed with red carpet stretching in both directions from the room that I had just left.
Left I went down the hall, looking at the portraits. I had no idea where this hallway would lead me, but I was really excited to find out where. Whoever was the owner of the place must have been really wealthy. I sure hoped he or she wouldn’t mind that I was here. There were many rooms in this hall and there were no signs of it really ending. This was a really huge place! Knowing my psyche this corridor would just keep on continuing forward. Maybe this was my dreams way of telling me that I should keep heading forward in my life. Dreams are always such funny things…
Finally I had reached an opening without a door. It lead own another corridor, but that was fine. At least I wasn’t going to keep walking in the same direction for the rest of my dream. This hallway was much darker due to the fact that none of the candles had been lit here. It didn’t bother me at all. Even in the waking world I was fond of darkness.
    There was a silhouette of somebody in the distance. This dream was starting to involve human contact I assumed as I walked a little bit faster, trying to reach the person. I heard a couple of footsteps behind me then and I turned around. There was yet another shadow of a person standing right behind me! I was trapped! This would have been a lovely time to wake up. The two figures were closing in me! I was dead! They were going to kill me and I would wake up hyperventilating. This was the end of what seemed like the perfect dream.
    “Who are you?” said one of the shadows. It was a soft, yet deep male voice. The voice was coming from the man who was in front of me. I heard a snapping sound and three of the candles on the walls lit up, and I could see who the man was. Even from the ten feet of space between us, I could tell that this man was taller than the average human. He was almost seven feet tall and so skinny he looked like a figure of bones with a skin attached. There was a little bit of muscle on him though, but it wasn’t enough to make a different. His hair was long, platinum and his eyes were light blue. Despite the fact that he was wearing mercenary clothes including a trench coat, jeans, and metal boots, he looked like a really friendly person.
    Before I answered, I turned around to see who the other guy was. He was half in the shadows still, but I could see him reasonably well. He wasn’t nearly as tall as the mercenary guy. He had long black hair and silver eyes. He was thin, but had a little more muscle than the other.  He was much paler than even I was though. I could recognize the black jeans he was wearing from the dresser in the bedroom, which were the only thing he had on. He was indeed very handsome, but he was like a ghost. Plus, the look on his was completely frightening. Something had obviously pissed off this guy, and I had a feeling I knew what it was. “You… are wearing her favorite dress…” he said, looking down at the dress that I was wearing.
    Honestly, I was speechless. What was I suppose to say? This was just a dream! It should have been very easy to come up with a response. The both walked a couple of steps closer to me and I backed my self against the wall, the better to see both of the men without spinning around like an idiot. They closed in on me and I was uncontrollably scared. This was the start to a perfect dream, but it was about time for it to end. Something felt real about it though. “Don’t hurt me,” I said quietly in fear.
    “We aren’t going to hurt you,” the mercenary guy said kindly. He looked genuine about this, but when I looked at the other man he still looked pissed. I focused my eyes on the mercenary again—he was already much easier on the eyes. “How did you get in here? This castle is impenetrable.”
    I was probably going to get in trouble anyways, so I might as well tell the truth. It didn’t look like I was going to be waking up any time soon, so what the hell? “I don’t know how got here. I just woke up and I was in this place? So, this place is a castle,” I added, looking at the walls. No wonder this place was so huge!
In the waking world only the emperor Phoenix had a castle that was this huge. Not many people who lived in my village knew who he was until it had been all over the news that his son had disappeared. Nobody really even knew that he had a son either. Everybody thought that Phoenix’s son was kidnapped and probably dead at the bottom of the ocean, but there were only guesses. Nobody knew what really happened to the poor kid. It was over two years ago, so there weren’t that many people that still talked about it.
    Mercenary man looked at the other man directly after I said this. The looks on their faces looked like they were communicating in some secret language. The scary angry man nodded and the both of them looked at me again. “How do we know you are telling the truth? Somebody could have let you in?” and there I thought that they were going to believe me. This guy was nothing like his mercenary friend.
    “Don’t mind him,” mercenary guy said as though he had read my mind. “He is usually incredibly nice. His fiancée disappeared a few days ago and he’s had a hard time trusting anything a stranger says.” Weird…that’s the same thing that happened to Phoenix’s son two years ago. Maybe this dream was trying to subconsciously focus my attention on it.
    The other man rolled his eyes and started staring at the wall. He looked deeply disturbed, but I couldn’t blame him. “Four months...and we were going to have a baby together…” he said quietly, but loud enough to be heard. This was a really creepy dream. In four months this creature would be out of me. I was kind of starting to hate this dream for pointing out these facts. “Where did Emelith go? Did she want to leave me that badly?”
    I couldn’t help but feel sad for him. I never fell in love before, but I always heard tales that my father had lost my mother in a tragic accident. Half the reason I kept myself out of the race for love was because I didn’t want to lose anybody I cared about. That was even the reason I didn’t have any real close friends.  It was much easier to get through the loss of a loved one if you never had anybody to love. I didn’t even get affected by loneliness which was an added bonus. Sometimes I wondered about my father, but it wasn’t enough to put me into a spiraling dark pit of depression.
    “I doubt she wanted to leave you,” I told him kindly, hoping that what I was supposed to say.  Apparently it wasn’t. Mercenary man looked ill at ease and the other guy glared at him before punching the wall hard with his left fist. It resulted in a small fist shaped crater in the wood and his knuckles bleeding profusely all over his arm. “Sorry?” I added in guiltily, trying to avoid making eye contact with his fist.
    He didn’t even look at me, but straight at the other guy inside. “Good going Matsumora! If it weren’t for your hair and your mercenary clothes Emelith would have never fallen for you! Why couldn’t you just BACK OFF?!” With these last two words he snapped his eyes on his friends. I thought I could see sparks flying at that moment. There was a hatred in his eyes that was almost covered in a sheer mist of a plea for help.
    Matsumora didn’t look at all shaken by his friend’s sudden outburst. His eyes said it all; he never meant to come between anyone. “She knew that she couldn’t be with me for the obvious reasons I have given you Cain. Before you lose your temper again, remember—we are currently in the presence of a lady. You should act more civilized.”
    Matsumora and Cain. So those were the names of these very interesting men. To bad they were just figures of my imagination or I would have been much more intrigued by them. They were probably just simple little things about me that my mind was portraying through different beings. “You don’t have to act so polite around me. I’m just a simple fortune teller that uses cards who has been pregnant for five months.”
    They both looked at me now as though they had just forgotten what they were disputing about. Right then in unison they asked the same question in the same surprised tone. “Who are you?”


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