Freedom (Completed!)
Author: M.L. Holt

Chapter 1
The Last Day

It started just like any other day. Just like every day had begun since I could remember.

Waking up in my small, dark cell. Everything dark, no lights, nothing.

And suddely, there is light as someone flips the switch outside my cell door. Not much light, just a bare bulb that hangs from the ceiling, but it's enough to make me squint as my pupils readjust to the sudden light.

Then, I can see the bleak, gray walls, and the equally bleak gray door as it creaks open, and a man lays a tray of food down.

I crawl over to the food, eating slowly, looking at the room around me. It was familiar, but I was always looking at it, hoping that something new would become visible, but nothing ever did.

My cell was about 10 feet in ever direction, with a gray concrete floor, and gray brick walls, even a gray concrete ceiling. Everything was gray.

Then I look down at myself. The plain white jumpsuit I wore, just like every piece of clothing I had ever worn since I was three years old. My light brown hair that fell past my waist, which was rarly ever cut. My thin frame. My skin, so pale it practically glowed in the dark because I hadn't seen the sun since I was three. I hadn't seen a lot of things since I was three.

Then I thought of the the things I couldn't see, but knew were there. My vivid blue eyes. The guards standing outside my door. The room they always took me to, every day.

I shivered at the last thought.

When I was done eating, three guards came in. It was a tight squeeze with all four of us. One guard took my food dish and left imediatly, leaving just two guards. One pulled a hood over my head, while the other one yanked me to my feet and tied my hands behind my back.

Then, each guard grabbed one of my arms and they led me down a series of hallways I had long since memorized. Left, right, left left, right, left.

We took a right into the usual room, and they shut and locked the door (with a key, of course) and took the hood off my head and untied my hands.

A man stood in the center of the room, beside a tredmil. So it was the tredmil today.....

"Run," The man said, gesturing to the tredmil.

I set my jaw. "No," I replied. I was tired of them always pushing me around.

His gaze intesified, "Run," he repeated.

"NO!" I yelled, backing into a corner. The man and the guards were between me and the door, and I knew what was to come. I had scars from it, and had since I'd first refused to do what the man had said.

That was when I was five.

When I was eight, I tried to attack the guards and escape.

When I was twelve, a guard tried to rape me. Let's just say, he doesn't come around anymore.

Now I'm off topic.

The guards each pulled out a whip. I shrunk back in terror. I crossed my hands in front of my face as the first strike hit, tearing my jumpsuit across the front.

I screamed, agony radiating from the slash across my torso. They continued whiping me, each strike bringing a new wave of pain, and another scream. I knew noone would help; I wasn't even sure if anyone could hear. This happened more often than not, but noone ever stopped it. And then......

Someone did.


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