Freedom (Completed!)
Author: M.L. Holt

Chapter 0


For most people, first memories are filled with triumph.

When you first learned not to wet the bed.

When you learned how to ride a bike.

When you learned how to swim.

In most people's memories, there were parents there to guide the way.

Not mine.

I don't remember my parents. I never learned how to swim or ride a bike. I never learned manners. My first memories aren't filled with happiness or triumph.

The first thing I remember is pain.

Fire burning through every inch of my body. Flames burning me from the inside out. Now I know that it was rearranging everything about me, right down to my DNA.

At the time, there was just pain.

And then, there was a new level of pain. It was as if the flames had centered in on two points on my back

I knew I was screaming, but I couldn't hear it. There was just intense pain.

And then the flames burned brighter, streaching out of my back as new bone and tissue grew.

And as suddenly as the pain had come, it left, leaving me a different person.

I fell to the ground, one soft new wing uncomfortably pinned beneath me, the other lay on top of me like a blanket.

The pain gone, I slipped into unconciousness as strong arms lift me up, my beautiful pure white wings included.

I was three years old.


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