My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 32
A Girl And Her Pony

A Girl And Her Pony


His hooves hammering on the ground,

Further opn threw the night so silent,

There is the hoot of an owl and no other sound,

His ears pinned back from the rush of the wind,

Running for his life like he has sinned,

His beautiful body hidden by scars,

If anyone cared to stop and think,

They'de find horses are better then cars,

A person steps infront of him out of the blue,

He skids to a halt and stares with fear,

The scarred body of him asking 'Who are you?',

The new person streches out a friendly hand,

Just when the ponies curiousity is going to take over,

In his eyes more people form a band,

He raises his head and whinnies in fright,

Rearing-he turns on his heel,

Galloping faster out into the night,

The poor girl who only wanted to be a friend,

Whated the beautiful,


Scarred pony,

She sat and crossed her legs waiting for the end,

This girl was the only one able to look in his eyes,

And get this close after such a long time,

She understood his pain and she knew all the lies,

Hoping the pony would return to her again,

She lay down on the deserted dusty road,

Clearly anyone would see she's insain,

Awaking in the morning to a nuzzle on her side,

The small pony starring down at her curiously,

He now knew he didn't have to run or hide,

The girl infront of him only meant the best,

So he cautiously lay down beside her,

She was incredibly different from the rest,

Her hands were soft and not so rough,

She was quiet and shy and gentle too,

Giving him the loving touch he craved so much,

Now the girl and her pony do everything together,

Love fills their once broken and scarred hearst,

Because they know they'll be like this forever...


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