Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 12
When You Live on the Wrong Side of Sixty

When you Live on the Wrong Side of Sixty.

When you live on the wrong side of sixty
You flirt with cold death every day,
You suck sweet air in like nectar
And you hold your breath and you pray
For tomorrow may bring a black tumour
Or a spasm, or seizure or more
Then whatever you do, whatever you say
You’l end up flat out on the floor.

For our time on this planet is temporary
Our time of enjoyment is short
Just pull out the stops and let loose man
Live it up, kiss your girl, have a snort.
Tomorrow is lost in the dreamtime,
Today is the essence of being,
So kick up your heels and spin all your wheels
and send all those worries a-fleeing.

When you live on the wrong side of sixty
Your skin has a penchant to sag
And no matter how hard you control it
Your gut is as wide as a bag.
Your whit was once so exciting
Your repartee so sharp
Now you mumble and wheeze
And occasionally sneeze
And frequently squeeze out a fart.

Oh life was once so enticing
The sparkle and crackle was there
When you danced on the floor
The crowd yelled for more
And you dazzled with lights in your hair.
Now the dance floor is silent and empty
The music has faded away
Just to have it once more
My poor heart does implore ?
.. But the crimson has faded to grey.

Now you’l think I’m buried in sorrow,
Enmeshed in self pity galore
But the fact of the matter
Is served on a platter
… I really don’t care anymore.
For you see I’ve learnt a great secret
Discovered a pearly white truth..
That life is as free
As a bird in a tree
And remorse is really uncouth.

So no more do I wallow in sadness,
No more do I tear out my heart
Instead I rejoice in my gladness
And retrace all the steps from the start.
For living’s a sequence of pictures
To give or take as you choose
If your selections awry
Then you’re lost in the sky pick the wrong one.. You lose!

The sun comes up in the morning
The light erupts in the sky
And the beautiful song of the blackbird
Brings a tear of joy to my eye.
The golden greens of the shadows
The crystal glint of dew
Encapsulates the rapture
I feel on seeing you.
For a friend makes life worth living
A smile a golden door
To the promise of tomorrow
Oh! The future’s good ..once more

When you live on the wrong side of sixty
Life’s lessons treat you right
You separate the wheat from chaff
And celebrate the fight.
You make the most of good stuff
And embrace all the fun
You interact with positives ..

Mangere Bridge
21st January 2007


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