Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 24

the rain dragged into the following day and sunshine's hatred intensified. finally, she bothered no more about the rain and ran out onto the road. lavender shouted after the girl but she continued running towards lassie's house.

standing in front of the gates, she stared at the door bell. she told herself to press it but her hands would not lift. they stayed beside her body and locked in position. her eyes implored the house, wishing some inhabitant would see her standing in the rain.

within seconds, the front door swung open. lassie stood at the door with eyes wide and she shouted, "sunshine! come in!"

sunshine's feet glued to the ground, refusing to move for shelter.

"sunshine! get in!" lassie yelled again. sunshine could not move. the rain was no more cold and wet. she could never feel it anyway. the rain was not a hindrance to sunshine.

lassie jumpped from the veranda and dashed towards sunshine. she snatched sunshine's arm and pulled her in. sunshine's feet still would not move and she fell over onto the stone pavement, scratching her knees. she placed her hands down to break her fall as lassie screamed in shock.

"sunshine! what's wrong? get up and go in!"

sunshine stayed in that position unable to control her movements. before long, a fair woman from the house came running out and assisting lassie with moving sunshine in. the woman was strong enough and lifted sunshine up. sunshine stared into her eyes. they were like an orange flame-warm and bright.


the fire in the fireplace was lit and giving of its elusive warmth. sunshine glanced from the fire to the woman's eyes. they were the same of origin. lassie straightened her dark purple dress and carried a towel to sunshine. she kneeled down and dabbed sunshine's wounds.

"doesn't that hurt?" the woman asked caringly.

sunshine looked up. "sunshine can't feel," lassie said softly.

"so this is sunshine. the girl you met a few days ago. what happened just now?"

sunshine remained silent.

"this is my step mother, laity," lassie smiled.

sunshine's eyes widened in surprise.

seeing sunshine's curiosity, lassie continued, "my real mother lives in the city like you. she abandoned me at a restaurant when i was born. laity and my step father, john, found me and tried to return me to my parents but they refused to accept me and threatened to throw me out once again, so my new parents adopted me."

"i never dreamt you would have such a tragic childhood," sunshine remarked.

lassie smiled, "mine could never be much worse than yours. imagine being locked in. besides, i was a baby then, i knew nothing and laity and john are my real and only parents now. why did you run in the rain?"

"i wanted to see you," sunshine whispered. "i wanted a friend."

"i guess i would understand that. but what happened back then, you would not even come in."

sunshine reflected but was unable to say why. she knew very well that at that moment in time, she had lost total control of herself and she did not know why.


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