Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 23
hating the rain

the overhanging sky threatened to pour at any moment. lassie glared at the rain clouds and sighed.

"sunshine, i think it's going to rain. you should leave. we could meet again tomorrow," lassie looked into sunshine's eyes.

sunshine felt a sense of concern and care from lassie's green eyes. green was a cool colour. yet the mysterious warmth somehow escaped her sight and sunshine could feel it. it felt strange, something she had never experienced before, but at the same time, it was a nice feeling, a startlingly safe sense of security. it was not soft however, it was jade hard. sunshine smiled sideways and turned to walk home.

lassie stood still on the grass and called out, "you're not saying bye again?"

sunshine stopped abruptly and whispered under her breath, "bye..."

"why don't you like to talk?" lassie yelled back.

sunshine turned and smiled a fragile smile. then, she left.


her pink bedroom was no longer very friendly anymore. the rain melted the clouds and the blue sky. it killed the light and the scenery became drenched in dull coolness. sunshine sat by the window and gazed out into the sky. she scanned the dark hills and the empty landscape. was this not the weather she loved? the weather that made everyone leave the streets and left her all alone to look upon desolate land. the weather that got rid of the same children she hated also robbed her of her friend. she could not stay out with lassie to play anymore since it rained. it was just the same scenario back home. when the children were barred from playing, she rejoiced, but now she felt that same sorrow of being kept home out of the rain. the dullness, isolation, coldness and darkness could fill her soul and warm her heart. now, she only felt a sense of emptiness and sadness. she missed the sunshine. withered weather, she no longer loved it given a new lease at life. a chance to experience what she wanted to take away from all the other children that came her way. now she could have what they have and no longer did she want to ruin her own experience.

"is this what the children felt?" she asked herself. "sad to be kept at home?"

"but i was the sad one. i was the one that never had a chance to go out at all! i was the one! it's unfair! and so the rain could steal their joy but why must steal my short lived joy too?"

sunshine began another stuggle within herself. she did not know what to feel anymore. was she to be happy that the rain poured down. or was she to be upset that it took away what she longed for. if she could not have it, why should the children have it?


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