Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 10
The Pride & Prejudice of an Adopted Son






Ya gotta be proud of ya country
When ya wear it around on ya sleeve,
Ya gotta be proud of ya people
When they really know how to believe,
Ya gotta feel pride in ya product
when ya fashion & craft it with care
..and ya gotta repulse all the bullshit
when the rest of the world won’t share.
For man, as a species is poisonous
and God threw the towel in for sure,
When adam  & Eve ate the apple
and threw up all over the floor.
They broke all the rules at the outset
they muddied the waters so bad,
that confusion and greed ran in tandem
and mankind was fast going mad.
Eruptions of steel fly in carbombs
in the streets of Iraq every day,
Ethiopian babies are buried
 before they are graced with a name,
and the great wheel of life turns in circles
and the rich play golf with the brave
and who gives a fuck
that we’re stuck in the muck
Just so long as that mortgage is paid.
The Parlimentarian’s lying
The coppers are taking the graft,
the oilmen are creaming us all now
and the banks are so rich..they just laugh!
Society’s falling asunder
and we all stand around sucking beer,
can our kids now be blamed
when they all get inflamed
and inhale and inject and turn queer.
Our taxman’s making a killing
he’s fleecing the populace bare,
the small businesman’s plunged
cos he’s chucked in the sponge
and there’s nothing but vacuum left there.
There’s the segment that run high and lofty
their ideals are as white as the snow
for abortion’s as black & the slut is as slack
and GE and PC are go
The fingers are pointed at others,
the hands, lily white, seek refrain
sanctimonious soul seeks  unseekable goal
and the whole lot gets flushed down the drain.
Our PM is staunchly unchallenged
she adjusts her adjustments just so’
her manouvers adroit ‘
the election’s in site
and Labour is flush with the dough.
Minorities step up beside her,
the lesbians snap to their feet
and the marraigeless mothers
and fuck ups and others
all cluster to be so discreet.
But the weather is turning up roses
the exchange is bullish so far
and the girls are as pretty
as the fags in the city
and the door to the future’s ajar.
Perhaps there’s some system to it.
Maybe I’ve missed the great plan
for religion has zeal and Christ made a meal
of repairing his mess with elan.
So you see I’m reconciled to it.
I’l glide along for the ride
It’s futile to fight the humungous great might
in it’s institutional slide.
So I wrap myself in my solace
embalm myself with my pride
for in my little world
this old flag is unfurled
.. and Kiwi I’l stand by your side.

Marshalg /Mangere Bridge /Christmas 2005


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