My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 15
Heart Of Ice!

Heart Of Ice!


You told me you loved me,

But baby I already know,

That all those words-you lied,

Are you blind baby?

Can't you see the hate I hide?

This ain't love or fate,

This my friend,

Is pure hate,

The fire burns in my eyes,

As you stand infront of me,

Telling more bullshit,

And more lies,

You lie to my face,

And you're trying to,

"Put Me In My Place"

What the hell are you thinking hun?!

Are you so sick and bloody twisted,

That you call this shit fun?!

If this is your idea of fun,

Then I have one thing to say,

Stay out of the fucking sun!

It's melting your brain,

And slowly-so slowly,

Driving you insane,

Not with anyone,

But yourself,

Go see the doctor baby,

This ain't good for your health,

Well you're at it,

How about a fucking profession?!

Rather then hanging with your mates,

Have some weed fucking session!

You think I don't know?

You think I can't tell?

You're so fucking stupid!

Just die and go to hell!

I can't stand your face anymore,

Those lies baby,

Just leave,

Take the fucking door!

Your face is making me,

So fucking mad!

I used to love you,

I know-so sad,

But I'm better off without you,

With all these stupid,

Stupid fucking lies!

Behind my cruel smile,

There's pain in my eyes,

Because I trusted you once,

I trusted you twice,

But whoops I slipped again,

On your Heart Of Ice!



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