Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 23
Fighter guild's Assassin

Once they got back upstairs, the librarian walked to Haruka.

          “What took so long?” asked the librarian, “you have books to sort.”

          “Um… actually...” said Haruka quietly.

          “Let me guess, you want to go with these people?” asked the librarian angrily.

After Haruka backed off, she nodded.

          “Okay,” smiled the librarian, “I thought you would never ask, but make sure your sensei knows.”

          “Okay!” said Haruka as she ran upstairs.

When they got upstairs, Haruka ran to a 39 year old Dark Elf female reading a book.

          “Sensei, I’m leaving the library with these people,” said Haruka.

          “Okay,” said the Dark Elf as she continued to read her book, “call me if you need me.”

         “Okay,” said Haruka as she ran back to Gan Xing and Sakaru, “just let me get my things, please.”

          “Sure, we’ll help,” said Sakaru.

So Gan Xing and Sakaru help Haruka get her things packed. Afterwards, they went to Logan’s house.

          “So this is your house,” said Haruka.

          “Actually, it’s sensei’s, he will be here tomorrow,” said Gan Xing.

Once Gan Xing opened the door, Haruka went into the house cautiously.

          “Don’t worry, there’s no monsters here,” said Gan Xing, “well except for Ryu.”

Then Sakaru laughed.

After they went upstairs, they got Haruka settled in Sakaru’s room. When they were done, they went downstairs. So once Gan Xing, Sakaru and Haruka got into the living room, Mercer walked into the house with Rycoon and Firestarter.

          “Ahh!!” screamed Haruka as she ran behind Gan Xing.

        “That’s just Mercer,” said Gan Xing, “with Rycoon and Firestarter, they won’t hurt you.”

          “So how’s training?” asked Sakaru as she went to Mercer.

          “Good, who’s this?” asked Mercer.

          “Uh…I’m Haruka Inukai,” said Haruka quietly, “nice dragon…”

          “Just wait until you see Drago, he’s young,” said Mercer.

Then Firestarter ran up to Haruka.

          “Ahh!” screamed Haruka as she jumped up onto the couch.

          “Jumpy one isn’t she?” asked Mercer as Haruka got down from the couch slowly.

When Haruka was on the floor, Firestarter sat in front of Haruka and look up at her face.

          “He likes you,” said Mercer, “go ahead, pet him.”

So Haruka petted Firestarter.

          “Anyways, earlier today, me and Gan Xing left to look up a orcian curse removal potion,” said Sakaru.

          “But since it’s an orcian curse,” said Gan Xing.

          “It can only be removed at the orcian city right?” asked Mercer.

          “How did you know?” asked Sakaru.

          “Something I learned in the sha…..fighter’s guild,” said Mercer.

          “Okay, since you already knew that,” said Sakaru, “let’s call it a night.”

          “I guess so, tomorrow is going to be a big day,” said Mercer.

So everyone went upstairs. After Mercer put Rycoon and Firestarter to bed, he went back downstairs and fell asleep on a chair in the living room.

Later that night, a noise woke up Gan Xing.

          “I wonder what that was?” asked Gan Xing as he sat up on his bed.

After he got out of his room, he went downstairs. Once he got downstairs, he looked around.

          “Might as well get something to drink,” said Gan Xing.

So Gan Xing went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water. After he finished the water, he saw a shadow move towards Mercer.

          “Firestarter, Sakaru?” asked Gan Xing.

Then the shadow drew its sword.

          “Mercer!” yelled Gan Xing.

As soon as the sword moved, Gan Xing moved in front of it. In a burst of white feathers, a pair of white wings grew for Gan Xing’s back and blocked the blade. Then Mercer woke up.

          “What the hell is this?” asked Mercer.

          “I don’t know but someone has come here to assassinate you,” said Gan Xing.

Then Sakaru and Haruka came down the stairs and turned on the lights.

          “What the hell?” asked Sakaru.

          “Gan Xing?” asked Haruka shocked.

          “You guessed it, but I could use my swords,” said Gan Xing.

          “Push him off,” said Sakaru.

          “Easier said than done, these wings are my flesh and blood,” said Gan Xing as blood trailed down his wings.

Then Gan Xing’s wings harden and got a dull gray color.

          “Guess not,” said Gan Xing as he flung the assassin across the room.

          “You!!” said Mercer as he got up, “you were my best friend in the fighter’s guild.”

          “Not anymore, you killed my father, and blew up the guild,” said the assassin.

          “He was your dad?” asked Mercer.

          “Not anymore, now I’m going to kill you!!” said the assassin as he ran for Mercer.

Then in a quick flash, Gan Xing grabbed the assassin and threw him into a wall.

          “You would protect a murderer?” asked the assassin as he got.

          “He’s my sensei’s friend and mine,” said Gan Xing, “so yeah I would.”

          “You will die along with him,” said the assassin as he lunged towards Gan Xing.

So Gan Xing charged at him and flung him through the window. When the glass broke, it revealed a wormhole.

          “What is this?” asked Sakaru.

          “This house is in another dimension, but that door is the only way in here and keeps us safe,” said Gan Xing, “or so he thought.”

          “Who invented this?” asked Sakaru.

          “Logan’s father,” said Gan Xing.

          “Cool,” said Sakaru.

          “Well, let’s board this up and head back to bed,” said Mercer.

Then the window repaired itself.

          “Alright…let’s head back to bed then,” said Mercer.

So everyone went back to their rooms, and fell asleep.


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