Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 22
Gan Xing's new friend

Meanwhile, Mercer was watching TV in Logan’s house.

         “So Gan Xing, you ready to learn about women and become a lady killer?” asked Sakaru.

          “Uh…sure…” said Gan Xing.

          “First thing is…” said Sakaru.

Then Mercer slightly turned down the volume on the TV and payed extra attention to Sakaru’s conversation while watching TV.

        “Is to approach a lady with style and make small talk, but remember, the topic is crucial,” said Sakaru, “Hey Mercer, do you mind if you help here, since you’re listening.”

          “Damn,” said Mercer under his breath as he got up and walked to Sakaru, “excuse me, ma’am, you dropped something.”

So he gave Sakaru her purse from the table.

          “Thank you so much,” said Sakaru, “helping a lady is the first step.”

          “Okay…” said Gan Xing.

          “Or have a friend stage a fake robbery trick,” said Mercer, “though you probably want to talk to the guards first.”

          “Okay…that too…” said Sakaru, “that’s only the first step, now you have to make small talk and observe.”

          “Observe what?” asked Gan Xing.

          “If she likes you or not, jeez…” said Sakaru.

          “Just remember, he is a teenager,” said Mercer, “go easy.”

          “Right, sorry,” said Sakaru.

          “Okay…how would I know?” asked Gan Xing.

          “If she… well it changes with species and personality, but if she has hair, she’ll probably twirl it or something,” said Sakaru.

          “Now you tell me,” said Mercer, “that explains why I could never date anyone….”

          “Anyways, the other way is body movements,” said Sakaru.

          “Like?” asked Mercer.

          “What, am I teaching you too?” asked Sakaru.

          “Just so he’ll know,” said Mercer.

          “Fine, but there are several kinds of movements for different occasions,” said Sakaru.

          “How about the one if she is really into you?” asked Mercer.

          “Fine…” said Sakaru.

Then Sakaru started to turn her body side to side.

          “Oh yeah,” thought Mercer.

          “So you know what you’re looking for right?” asked Sakaru as she stopped moving.

          “I guess so,” said Gan Xing, “but how is this going to help with Zhen, I kinda of pissed her off.”

          “Oh… she’s very sensitive around the fact that people thinks she is soft,” said Sakaru.

          “Okay, so that’s why,” said Gan Xing.

          “How do you know this?” asked Mercer.

          “Girls communicate with each other,” said Sakaru.

          “Really?” asked Mercer sarcastically.

          “It’s just that men are too stupid to pick up anything, well most men are,” said Sakaru.

          “What do you mean?” asked Mercer, “I’m not stupid!!”

          “Why can’t you get a date then?” asked Sakaru.

          “I’m just too busy!!” yelled Mercer.

          “Figures,” said Sakaru, “but I should you men some credit, you do usually make it worthwhile.”

          “How?” asked Mercer.

          “Figure that out on your own,” said Sakaru.

          “I’m going to train Rycoon and Firestarter,” said Mercer angrily.

After Mercer got Rycoon and Firestarter, he stormed out, towards the Nu Ran forest.

          “Mmm…maybe we should help him out with this curse,” said Gan Xing.

          “Why? Logan said we will do it when vacation’s over,” said Sakaru.

          “……it should get Mercer to like you again,” said Gan Xing, “it’ll show him you care.”

          “Okay,” said Sakaru, “only because he saved me.”

          “Okay, fair enough,” said Gan Xing with smirk.

So Gan Xing and Sakaru went to the temple.

          “I’m not sure I’ll be welcomed here…” said Sakaru.

          “It’s okay, I’m a member here,” said Gan Xing, “Logan should for researching and for my behavior problems…”

          “Okay,” said Sakaru.

So when they got inside, Gan Xing went to the minister.

          “Good day, minister,” said Gan Xing as he bowed.

          “What is this werepyre doing in my temple?” asked the minister, “no way she is here to be cured.”

          “Well, no, but she is a friend,” said Gan Xing.

          “Fine, but she is your responsibility,” said the minister, “so why are you here then?”

          “A curse was placed on my friend, Mercer’s arm,” said Gan Xing.

          “What color is it and what did it do?” asked the minister.

          “Dark purple,” said Gan Xing, “and it caused paralysis on his entire arm.”

          “That is a strong orcian curse,” said the minister, “check the library.”

          “Oh man, I hate the library,” said Gan Xing.

          “If one wants wisdom, hit the books,” said the minister, “and our library is out of commission, but we moved our books to our reserved spot in the local library, here, you’re going to need this.”

Then the minister gave Gan Xing a seal.

         “This will permit you took use the library,” said the minister, “the werepyre is able to go, but like I said, it’s your responsibility.”

          “Of course,” said Gan Xing as he bowed and left.

          “What’s with the attitude?” asked Sakaru after they got out of the temple.

          “He got attacked by werewolves when he was young and he was recently attacked by a male werepyre,” said Gan Xing.

          “Oh, well, we need to remove this curse, let’s hurry,” said Sakaru.

So Gan Xing and Sakaru ran to the library. Once they got inside, Gan Xing showed the librarian the seal.

          “Okay, you want to access the temple’s library, please follow Haruka downstairs,” said the 35 year old Elven female librarian.

Then a 16 year old hume female walked up to Gan Xing.

          “I’m Haruka, please follow me,” said Haruka quietly and shyly.

So Haruka led Gan Xing and Sakaru to a big steel door in a dark tunnel below the library.

          “Um… can I have the seal for a moment?” asked Haruka as quiet and shyly as before.

          “Sure,” said Gan Xing as he gave the seal to Haruka.

Once Haruka had the seal, she pressed it into the door. In a booming sound, the door opened. All of the sudden, some large rocks started to fall over Haruka.

          “Ahh!!” yelled Haruka as she knelt down.

Then in quick flash, the rocks shattered into smaller pieces.

          “What the…” said Sakaru shocked as she looked at Gan Xing, whose on the other side of the door, “what speed.”

          “Too much?” asked Gan Xing.

When Haruka looked up, she saw Gan Xing offering his hand.

          “You okay?” asked Gan Xing.

          “Uh… yeah…” said Haruka quietly as Gan Xing helped her up.

After Haruka stood up, she fell onto Gan Xing.

          “You sure?” asked Gan Xing, “maybe we should take a quick break to relax.”

          “Okay,” said Haruka quietly.

After sitting around for a bit, they moved farther into the tunnel.

          “What’s with the tunnel?” asked Sakaru.

          “I don’t know,” said Gan Xing, “never been down here before.”

          “Alright, let’s hurry,” said Sakaru.

          “Why?” asked Gan Xing.

          “I want to get back before Mercer,” said Sakaru.

          “Okay,” said Gan Xing, “let’s run.”

So Gan Xing, Sakaru and Haruka ran down the tunnel. Once they got to the temple’s library, Haruka tripped.

          “You okay?” asked Gan Xing as he tried to help Haruka up.

All of the sudden, Haruka fainted in Gan Xing’s arms.

          “What did you do?” asked Sakaru.

          “Nothing,” said Gan Xing worried.

          “Well, at least I know what’s going on here,” thought Sakaru.

Then Haruka woke up.

          “Where am I?” asked Haruka as she shook her head and got up.

          “In the temple’s library,” said Gan Xing.

          “Oh… I hope you find what you’re looking for,” said Haruka.

          “Actually, can you help us?” asked Gan Xing.

          “I guess so,” said Haruka, “what are you looking for?”

          “A removal potion for a strong orcian curse,” said Gan Xing.

        “Oh…um…that potion can only be found in the Orcian Temple,” said Haruka, “sorry…”

          “That’s alright then,” said Sakaru, “thank you.”

          “You’re welcome…uh…can I join you on your adventures!!” said Haruka, “please.”

          “Sure,” said Gan Xing.

          “Wait, what about your parents?” asked Sakaru.

          “I’ve been living here all my life,” said Haruka, “The librarian takes care of me.”

          “I guess so,” said Sakaru, “I’m sure Logan wouldn’t mind.”

          “Thank you!!” said Haruka as she bowed.


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