Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 21
Fusion, the impossible technique

“Do you think we have time to change before we save the city?” asked Zhen.

          “No, not really,” said Logan, “looks like we save the city in our bathing suits.”

          “I guess so, but how can we do it?” asked Zhen as she looked around, “our mana is weakened here.”

          “Do what we can,” said Logan as he and Zhen walked into the middle of the street, “Ark Barrier!!”

Then an electrical barrier emitted from Logan and stopped some rocks from hitting himself and Zhen.

          “It’s working!” said Zhen.

          “This only has a strict thirty meter radius,” said Logan, “I won’t be able to protect the entire city.”

          “Then I’ll add mine,” said Zhen, “Inferno Barrier.”

Then a fiery barrier emitted from Zhen and it increased the barrier another thirty meters.

          “This isn’t enough,” said Logan as he tried to keep the barrier up.

          “Then what?” asked Zhen.

          “We summon our pets,” grunted Logan.

So Logan whistled as loud as he could three times.

          “Oww!!” yelled Zhen, “what was that for?”

          “I told Drago to get Kyubi and your phoenix,” said Logan as he groaned, “if he could hear me…”

          “I think I’ll call her Rika,” said Zhen as she emitted more mana.

          “Nice name,” said Logan as electricity from the barrier started to diminish.

Then rocks began to break through the barrier.

          “It’s breaking through!!” yelled Zhen as she tried to strengthen the barrier.

But a large rock smashed through.

          “I failed…” said Zhen as she knelt down.

          “You tried, that’s all it counts,” said Logan as he and Zhen released the remaining barrier.

All of the sudden, a thunderbolt and a fire blast blew the large rock away.

          “Drago, Kyubi!” said Logan as Drago and Kyubi ran to Logan and Zhen’s phoenix flew to her.

          “You name is Rika, okay?” asked Zhen.

Then Rika nodded.

After, the ceiling started to crumble on top of them.

          “We need to prevent more from falling,” said Logan to Drago and Kyubi as he blasted rocks away from the group.

After Drago and Kyubi nodded, Drago began to charge electricity and Kyubi began to charge mana. But when they released their energy, only a small spark and an ember cracked a rock as it came down.

          “They’re not powerful enough,” said Logan as he blasted the rock away.

Then more rocks fell and formed a ring around Logan and Zhen, which trapped them. As more rocks came down to entomb them, Drago and Kyubi ran into the ring. All of the sudden, a light shone through the cracks in the rocks. After the rocks were slowly disintegrated, a magnificent creature was revealed. It was a golden wyvern, with a fire mane, golden fur along its back and nine tails, which slowly revealed its numbers.

          “What the hell?” asked Logan in confusion, “what is this creature?

          “I am Draubi, a Fox-Dragon,” said Draubi, “I am Drago and Kyubi fused.”

          “How?” asked Logan as he got up.

          “Drago and Kyubi shared the same ambitions and mana type,” said Draubi, “so, the mana was fused giving birth to a whole new creature.”

          “Cool,” said Zhen as she got up, “but a reptile and mammal fused, freaky.”

          “Yeah well, so are platypus,” said Draubi.

          “Good point,” said Zhen.

Then a mini-earthquake caused more rocks to fall.

          “We’ll bask in its glory later, we have a town to save,” said Logan.

After Draubi roared, a barrier covered the entire city.

          “I won’t be able to hold this for long,” said Draubi.

Then Logan saw a generator.

          “Then I’ll build something to hold it up for us,” said Logan.

          “You know how?” asked Zhen.

          “Yea….no, not really,” said Logan.

So five mechanics ran up to Logan.

          “How can we help?” asked one of the mechanics.

          “Can you modify this into a grand soul cryst powered generator to hold this barrier up?” asked Logan.

          “Sure, you have a grand soul cryst?” asked the mechanic.

          “Here,” said Logan, “Me and Zhen will stay here and help keep the barrier up, hurry.”

          “Okay,” said the mechanic as he and the other mechanics picked up the generator and ran off.

          “You ready?” asked Zhen.

          “Anytime, you?” asked Logan with a smirk.

          “Let’s go!” said Zhen as she emitted her fiery barrier and Logan emitted his electrical barrier.

Once the barriers collided, they fused and glowed with a bright light,

          “Thank you,” said Draubi.

So after an hour of holding the barrier, the barrier turned dark.

          “What the hell?” asked Zhen.

          “Fox-vision,” said Logan as his eyes become like cat’s, “the barrier is low on power.”

          “Yea, I’m drained of power,” said Draubi.

All of the sudden, the barrier turned bright again.

          “What the?” asked Logan.

Then the mechanics ran up to Logan.

          “You can release it now,” said one of the mechanics.

Once Logan, Zhen and Draubi released their hold, the barrier flickered but stayed up.

Then another bright light blinded everyone. When everyone regained their sight, Logan saw a large golden dragon and medium sized fox with nine-tails lying down on the ground.

          “Drago, Kyubi?” asked Logan worried.

Then the dragon and the fox tried to get up in response.

          “Drago! Kyubi!” said Logan as he ran to Drago and Kyubi.

So a rich looking 44 year old Shakti male walked up to Logan.

          “We will take care of them,” said the Shakti.

          “Who are you?” asked Logan.

          “I am mayor Roh’ Mayu,” said Roh.

          “Okay, but I’m going with them,” said Logan.

          “Of course, we need to look after you and your friend’s injuries,” said Roh.

So Logan and Zhen followed a medical personal into an ambulance.

          “So what about Drago and Kyubi?” asked Logan.

         “Thanks to the phoenix, they should make a speedy recovery,” said the medical personal, “so will you.”

          “Cool,” said Logan.

After a bit, they arrived at the hospital. Once everyone got Drago, Kyubi and Rika into the E.R., Logan and Zhen was put in a room next door.

          “Fox-vision,” said Logan as he tried to convert his eyes but it only hurt, “oww!!”

          “What?” asked Zhen.

          “He strained his eyes using that technique while he was holding up the barrier for so long,” said the medical examiner as he looked at Logan’s eyes.

All of the sudden, Logan fell back onto the bed behind him.


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