Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 6
Heaven by the Sea

Heaven by the Sea
It’s funny how sweet love begins
It sneaks up on you softly
You feel your pulses start to reel
You’re striding tall and lofty.
Your life’s routine is shot to hell,
Your mates are all aghast,
They’ve watched your mind infatuate
And wagered this won’t last.
But stronger things have grabbed your soul
And made you want to play,
This lovely maiden’s won your heart
And love has won the day.
The strand of hair on fair, fair brow
The downy fur of belly,
The softness of your ruby lips
There’s nectar in your jelly.
Directness of your brown eyed gaze
When passion’s in the air,
Soft lovers pout & light caress
Just drive me to despair.
I feel the warmth deep down inside
That lovely fuzzy burr
You slide your hand along my thigh
And make my senses blur.
The sweetest thing about your face
Is when your being there,
And when there’s just the two of us
Entwined apon the stair.
The rhythm of a lovers song
The harmony of voices
Drifting out across the bay
Intoxicating choices
The gentle breeze, the balmy night
The magic of the hour…
And we’re both dancing cheek to cheek
In smooth and rhythmic power.
The surging of the music’s pulse
The moonlight filters down
It brushes on your lovely face,
Makes sparkles on your gown.
As long as time will let me live
My memory will be
When you and I dear, we did glide,
In heaven by the sea.
Mangere Bridge
14th September 2007



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