Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 5
Impossible Odds

The next morning, the guard woke up Logan and Mercer up for breakfast.

          “That was amazing! Your reward is eggs, bacon, ham, steak and your choice of drinks,” said the guard.

          “Awesome I’ll have some…” said Mercer.

          “We’ll both have a cup of coffee,” interrupted Logan.

          “Okay,” said the guard as he left.

          “Why coffee?” asked Mercer.

          “I’ve been thinking,” said Logan.

          “About what?” asked Mercer.

          “My nightmare I had a couple of days ago,” said Logan.

          “You never did tell me about that,” said Mercer, “but, I don’t care, it’s just a dream.”

          “Thanks…” sighed Logan hoping for him to care, “but you’re right it’s just a dream.”

As soon as Logan smiled, Zhen walked up to the cell.

          “What are you smiling for?” asked Zhen.

          “Just reminding myself a saying,” smiled Logan, “live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.”

          “Right…but here’s the real reason, I’ve decided to join your next fight,” said Zhen.

          “You’re right, now I’ll be able to go home quicker,” said Logan.

          “Right…” said Zhen, hoping for a different reaction.

          “Cool, with your girlfriend, dude, we can’t lose,” said Mercer.

          “He’s not my boyfriend!” said Zhen.

          “She’s not my girlfriend!” said Logan right after Zhen spoke.

          “Okay, okay, fair enough,” said Mercer, “not yet at least.”

          “Hey, Zhen, I heard you’re helping them,” said the guard as he arrived with three plates, “enjoy.”

          “Breakfast for me too?” asked Zhen.

          “You’re going to need it,” said the guard, “also I feel the cell is unnecessary.”

Then the guard opened the cell door.

          “But no running off,” said the guard.

          “Okay…” said Logan, Mercer and Zhen confused.

          “Catch ya later,” said the guard as he left.

          “No way in hell that guy’s a guard in the most secure prison in Gian,” said the Logan.

          “And he did everything without anyone second guessing,” said Mercer.

          “We’ll ask when he gets back,” said Logan, “for now let’s enjoy this meal that’s probably poisoned.”

          “Really?” asked Zhen.

          “I don’t know but I’m hungry,” said Logan as he and Mercer began eating.

          “Whatever,” said Zhen as she began eating as well.

After they finished their meal, the guard came back.

          “Time for the final fight,” said the guard.

          “I got a question for you,” said Logan.

          “No time, get into the arena,” said the guard, “hurry!”

          “Okay, okay,” said Logan as he, Mercer and Zhen went into the arena.

          “That was close,” said the guard.     

 “Now entering the invincible, the mystics, Logan Vosamaki and Mercer Sobek, with the help of our own Bloodmaster, Zhen Ju!” said the announcer.

          “Oh yeah, we’re invincible!” said Mercer as he showed off for the crowd.

 “I haven’t fought in here for a while,” said Zhen, “It’s great to be back.”

 “And on the other side, Samuel,” said the announcer as one small gremlin came out of the gates.

 “That’s it?” asked Zhen, “I came out for this?”

 “I’ll take care of this,” said Mercer as he ran towards the gremlin.

 “No wait!” yelled Logan.

But Mercer didn’t stop.

          “What?” asked Zhen.

          “Samuel is a resurrection demon,” said Logan, “it can’t die.”

          “There’s no way to stop?” asked Zhen, worried.

          “Not to my knowledge,” said Logan.

          “Damn,” said Zhen.

So when Mercer sliced Samuel in half, the two halves fell to the ground.

          “Done,” said Mercer.

          “Not quite,” said Logan, “Look.”

After Mercer looked at the pieces, they regenerated and formed two bodies.

          “Damn,” said Mercer.

Then one of them kicked Mercer away.

          “Small but powerful,” said Mercer, “figures.”

          “Let’s incinerate them,” said Zhen.

          “Mmm…maybe but we shouldn’t hold back at all,” said Logan, “Dragon Storm!!”

          “Phoenix Blaze!!” yelled Zhen as she emitted a fiery red aura and Logan emitted a golden aura.

When Logan began to spin his katana above his head, Zhen’s aura was morphing into a phoenix shape. Once Logan’s bluish tornado appeared, he and Zhen shot their respective spells at Samuel.

          “Storm Phoenix Bomb!!” yelled Logan as the flames and the tornado fused.

When it did, a huge wave was emitted from the center of bright explosion. Then a golden and red phoenix rose up from the explosion and started to flap its wings to get higher. So every time the phoenix flapped, a huge gust of flames swept the Samuels up into the sky, while burning them.

          “Now blast!!” yelled Logan as his aura began to diminish.

After reaching a high altitude, it started to dive towards the Samuels at supersonic speeds. Once it burnt through the Samuels, they exploded in a fiery inferno.

          “Whoa,” said Zhen stunned, “damn…”

All of the sudden, several Samuels rose from the ashes.        

          “How the hell can anything survive that?” asked Mercer.

          “I don’t know,” said Zhen she was paralyzed in fear, “nothing should have survived that.”

Then Logan collapsed.

          “Logan?” asked Zhen as she went Logan, “Logan?”

But Logan didn’t respond.

          “Something’s wrong,” said Zhen

          “Revive Logan, I’ll do what I can to these demons,” said Mercer as he ran to fight the Samuels.

          “Logan?” asked Zhen as she shook Logan, “please wake up.”

Again, Logan didn’t respond.

          “I’ll protect you and your friend,” said Zhen as a fiery black aura slowly spiraled around her, “I’ll get your revenge for you.”

Then Zhen yelled as loudly as she could.

          “Oh shit,” said Mercer as he ran to Logan as quickly as he could.

          “I’m sorry,” said Zhen as tears ran down her face, “Black Phoenix Blaze!!”

As soon as her aura towered over the arena, it washed over the arena, almost incinerating the Samuels instantly. Then Zhen collapsed.

          “Oh great, now I have to bring two people into the infirmary…” sighed Mercer as he carried Logan and Zhen into the arena’s infirmary.


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