Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 1
The Dream

In the land of Ancient Gian, there was a prophecy. In this it was foretold that, five spirit warriors will rise up against the end of existence to save the ones they love. But now a new enemy will appear to kill the warriors before they even knew what they gotten themselves into. Now the prophecy unveils its secrets.


          “I’m bored,” said a 20 year old Shakti (a humanoid lizard race) male with many spikes running down the back of his head, as he walked in circles.

          “So am I…” sighed a 23 year old Dark Elf (an dark skinned elven race with facial markings) male with black hair, as he sat down on the bottom of a bunk bed in a corner of a jail cell.

          “How long have we been in here?” asked the Shakti.

          “I lost track a couple of years ago,” said the Dark Elf as he laid down on the bed.

“Damn! It’s been that long?” asked the Shakti.

          “I guess so,” yawned the Dark Elf, “I’m going to bed.”

          “I might as well join ya,” yawned the Shakti as he climbed onto the top bunk of the bed, “good night, Logan.”

Once Logan fell asleep, he started to dream of a massive demon army approaching a city.

          “What’s this?” asked Logan confused.

Then suddenly, the demon army started to raid the city.

          “It’s Nu Ran!!” exclaimed Logan as he saw the demons brutally killing dozens of people.

When Logan looked away, he saw five creatures appear from the horizon of the city.

          “It’s the legendary spirits!” said Logan surprised.

So the spirits began to reveal their appearances. It was a golden dragon, a darkened red phoenix, a blue serpent, a silver pegasus and a bronze lion. After the dragon summoned a huge lightning storm and electrocuted hundreds of demons, the snake shot a huge water cannon and washed away more demons. When the Pegasus began to summon a massive tornado, the phoenix flapped its wings and shot a heat wave at the tornado. As soon as it hit the tornado, it fused with it and formed a fiery tornado that incinerated many demons and flung molten rocks in the air. So the lion jumped up, cooled the molten rocks and shattered them. As the rock shards fell to the ground, they started multiplying and rained over the remaining demons.

          “What power,” said Logan shocked, unable to comprehend what happened, “I’ve never see anything like this before.”

All of a sudden, a black shadow rose up from the ground and towered over the city.

          “What the hell?” asked Logan terrified from the fearsome sight of the shadow.

          “Not even the powerful spirit five can defeat me and prevent this world’s demise,” bellowed the shadow.

So the spirits attacked the shadow with everything they got, but the attacks did nothing.

          “Now die!!” bellowed the shadow in a low roar.

Then a huge black wave washed over the city. When the wave got close to Logan, he closed his eyes in terror. After Logan opened his eyes, he saw destruction and carnage beyond his comprehension, buildings ablaze, people being mercilessly and brutally killed by demons, and the spirits laid down on the ground fatally injured.

          “What’s happening here?” asked Logan stunned with fear.

          “You’re next!!” bellowed the shadow as it looked at Logan.

So Logan began run away but he couldn’t get any further away from the shadow.

          “You can’t escape me!” bellowed the shadow, “this is your fate!”

          “Nothing is set in blood,” said Logan as he stopped running, realizing his dream, “my fate is my own, you will not tell me otherwise!!”

Then a golden aura started to slowly spiral around Logan.

          “This will never happen to my hometown,” said Logan as his aura completely surrounded him.

          “This is impossible!!” yelled the shadow, “sorcery was lost forever!”

          “Not from me,” said Logan, “I won’t let this happen!”

          “Then try!!” bellowed the shadow.

Once Logan’s aura started to fluctuate, everything froze.

          “Logan, wake up,” said a male voice, worried.

          “What?” asked Logan as he looked around, confused.

          “Wake up!!” yelled the voice.

When Logan woke up, he rolled off of the bed.

          “What the hell were you dreaming about?” asked the Shakti, curiously.

          “Nothing anymore,” said Logan as he shook his head.

          “Nothing was a nightmare,” said the Shakti.

          “Fine, but it’s gone now,” said Logan.

          “Okay,” said the Shakti, “so what are we going to do now?”

          “There is nothing to do in this jail cell, Mercer,” said Logan, angrily.

For two years Logan and Mercer had sat in this jail cell, rotting away. Then an imperial guard wearing a scarred suit of armor walked up to the cell’s doors.

          “The Emperor would like to make a deal with you two,” said the guard.

          “What kind of deal?” asked Logan curiously.

          “He wants you two to help fight in an upcoming war,” said the guard, “he must be delirious but an order is an order.”

          “So what do we get in return?” asked Logan.

          “Your freedom,” said the guard, “but we will be watching you guys.”

          “I don’t know, that’s invasion of privacy,” said Logan, hoping for some privacy in his life.

          “Dude, I don’t care, I can already taste fresh air,” said Mercer excitedly.

          “I suppose you’re right, I’ll replace the guards watching you with these earphones,” said the guard, “but nothing else, got it?”

          “Okay…” said Logan confused.

          “Alright!!” Mercer, “you’re negotiating from now on.”

          “I’ll be back after signing some papers,” said guard as he threw the earphones at Logan and Mercer.

When the guard left, Logan and Mercer put on the earphones.

          “So, Mercer, what are you going to do when you’re free?” asked Logan.

          “I don’t know really,” said Mercer, unable to think now that he’s going to be free.

          “Fair enough,” said Logan, “I don’t have a clue either.”

Once the guard returned, he threw two pairs of shackles and chains at Logan and Mercer.

          “Put these on,” said the guard, “you’re not free yet.”

After Logan and Mercer put on the shackles and chains, the guard opened the door and led them to an arena next to the imperial castle.

          “In here,” said the guard as he opened a door leading to a cell.

So once Logan and Mercer got into the cell, the guard closed and locked the door. Then Logan and Mercer took off their shackles and chains.

          “So why are we here?” asked Logan.

          “The Emperor has thought of some tests for you to take to prove you’re worth,” said the guard.

          “And me without my pencil,” said Mercer sarcastically.

 “It’s fighting you dimwit!” yelled the guard angrily.

          “Thanks for telling us,” said Logan, “and our weapons?”

          “Fine but don’t try anything funny or else it’ll be your last,” said the guard, “so here, two rusty swords.”

          “Can I have a katana, please?” asked Logan, politely.

          “What?” asked the guard, confused with Logan’s question, “you should be happy just to get this.”

          “I do have standards,” said Logan, “my weapon is a katana, nothing more, nothing less.”

          “Dude, what’s wrong with you?” asked Mercer, “just take the sword.”

          “No, I require a katana for maximum efficiency,” said Logan, “otherwise, I can’t fight well.”

          “Fine here,” said the guard as he gave Logan a rusty katana and Mercer a rusty sword, “but remember this, you won’t always have a katana nearby.”

          “I know, thanks,” said Logan as he and Mercer picked up their weapons.

          “You’ve got be kidding me, they don’t belong here” said a 21 year old Dark Elf female with red hair and in dull steel armor, “too soft.”


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