My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 4
I'm Just Tired?

I'm Just Tired?


As my eyes start to close,

And my head drops a little,

So my knees touch my noes,

The last thing I think of,

Was how stupid I was today,

And what am I going to do tomorrow?

And what the hell will I say?!

Can I even fix this mess I have made,

Will my pleads be answered?

Will my debts be paid?



As my vision starts to slowly blur,

I try not to fall asleep just yet,

As my cat lays on my chest with a purr,

What can I do to fix what I said?

Can I ever be forgiven?

Will it ever leave your head?

I didn't mean a word of it,

I cross my heart and wish to die!

I was in a bad mood and I said shit,

But I promise you it was all a lie!


As my breathing slowly becomes slow,

So very, very slow,

I think of today and the horrible show,

How could I say all of that to you?

I mean I hate myself for it,

But please baby beleive me,

It wasn't even true!

I wish I could take it all back now,

I wish I could turn back time,

One day... Somehow.


Mabey I'm just Tired...

Tired of this life,

Tired of these lies,

Tired of the immaturity of others,

Tired of my stupid behaviour,

Tired of acting like a bitch,

Tired of living threw this hell,

Tired of having to listen to them,

Tired of the responsibility,

Tired I have to wait till I'm old enough,

Or mabey, Just mabey...

I'm just Tired?


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