Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 5
The Catalyst


The Catalyst

Every show must have a boss
To make the kettle boil
Every engine runs on gas
And lubricates on oil,
Every squad must have a lead
To keep the action tight,
And every lead must have a plan
To win the bloody fight.
For fight we do, we bloody fight
When twice a week we meet,
We skip & jump & heave & hump
And run with sweaty feet.
We throw the jab & sling the hook,
The right cross to the jaw,
We scrap & fight like alley cats
Until he yells…NO MORE!
He bellows with a grin
& off we gallop around the pool
To sprint & try to win
We scrag old Andrew, hold him back,,
To spoil his dash for home
But like a deer the bastard bolts
And leaves us in his foam.
Thirty pushups neat & clean
To keep the body trim,
With punching bags & focus pads
We take it on the chin.
The routine is exhausting,
The pressure is extreme,
We’re dancing to old Tari’s jig
And boxing is his theme.
Old Tari is the catalyst
That makes this action go,
He organizes everything
And runs the bloody show.
He gets the troops together
And calls the body shots
He keeps the rhythm hard & fast
And makes the action tops.
The first man here, the last to leave
In Winter, Summer, Fall
Old Tari turns up willingly
For no return at all.
You wouldn’t find a better man
To organize this mob,
We all respect his leadership
The best man for the job.
So when he flogs us black & blue
Our frames a trembling mess
We raise our gloves in high salute
(on behalf of the boys & girls of the Jellico Boxing Squad.)
16th December
Onehunga Aquasport



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