My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 3



You found me shivering,

Alone in the dark,

There was no sound,

And no love lark,

As my body seemed to vibrate,

 In your strong embrace,

I tip back my head,

Trying hard to trace,

What happened,

And why I'm here,

Why he left,

It isn't fair...


You found me sick,

Alone in the street,

My body seemed frail,

And I seemed weak,

As you scopped me in your arms,

I felt my body relax,

Finally safe from harms,

My heart was shredded,

Along with my soul,

Everything I had always dreaded,

Had finally come true.


You found me dying,

Alone on my bed,

My chest barely moved,

And there was blood on my head,

As you looked deep into my eyes,

And saw everything I once beleived,

But unlike me-knew they were lies,

You put a bandage over my head,

And very slowly and silently,

Slipped beside me in bed.


You found me dead,

Laying next to you,

My body was scarred and broken,

My lips were purple and blue,

My heart was beating no more,

A pool of blood on the floor,

My wrists weren't reconizable,

And my used to be pretty eyes,

Weren't even sizeable,

You took my dead body outside,

And careful not to be noticed,

You took me somewhere to hide,

Although I was dead you didn't want to leave,

You wanted to just hold me in your arms,

You wanted me to breathe.


How was I to know you were the one for me?

How was I to know we were meant to be?

Why did you not tell me when I was alive?

Before I cut up my wrists with my knive.

"Best Mates" You had always said,

I wanted more then that baby,

I needed you in my bed,

I wanted to be yours forever,

And now I'm gone,

So you'll have me... Never.



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