An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 21

     To my surprise, Zander was absolutely calm. "What do you want?"
     The unwanted guest smiled and wordlessly pointed at me. Zander snorted, "Over my dead body."
     His grin widened into that God-awful Cheshire grin. "I'll have fun succeeding then, won't I?" Then, the air in front of Zander and I shimmered. A blinding flash occurred, and then a man stood in front of us. He wore a crisp white shirt, white slacks, and white shoes. It was hard to tell where his clothes ended, and his hair began because his hair was white. It wasn't a bleached, yellow-white, but chalk white.
     The stranger ignored the unwanted guest completely, turning to Zander. To my surprise, and not because it was a racial compulsion to think so, his skin was a dark mocha color. His smile was as white as his clothes, though. His eyes were like ice, but warming at the same time. "Hello, Zander."
     Zander nodded in acknowledgment. The stranger turned to me, "We haven't met yet, Jasmine. My name is Peter." He shook my hand heartily, then turned back to our unwanted guest. "As for you, I'm growing weary of your continuous cat-and-mouse games, Jasen."
     "And I'm tired of your holier than thou attitude," Jasen sneered contemptuously.     
     Peter smiled, unbuttoning his shirt. "Clever, but I can tell that you're going to want to fight. Yes?"
     Peter hung his shirt over the back of the couch, as if he just got home and stripped his jacket. Jasen smiled, and unnerving gesture. "Now we're gonna have some fun, Petey," Jasen stripped his own shirt, throwing it to the ground. Then, he started quivering. His bangs began to stand up, supported by spiked bone columns. His eyes turned red, his skin also tinted red. He grinned, showing gnarled teeth. From his back came black wings, with black-red feathers on the tips.
     Peter on the other hand, looked like an angel people in church raved about. His skin seemed to be glowing a golden light, as if somebody flipped a switch inside him. His wings were an immaculate white, blending perfectly with his hair and slacks. Jasen started circling around Peter. Peter brought his leg up, kicking Jasen in the stomach. The struck very few blows on each other, dodging in a blur of black, white, and red. And then, there was another flash of light.
     There he stood, in black and white glory. Everything stopped momentarily. Peter and Jasen stepped away from each other, each of them marred only the slightest. He turned to Peter, "Peter, I appreciate your intervening, but Jasmine is my charge."
     Jasen shifted impatiently, the only thing remaining from his change were his wings. I wondered why he was being so patient when he had wanted to kill us a second ago. He glared at me and said, "I may be a demon, but I like a fair fight. I wait until they're ready."
     Peter and Ephraim ignored us all completely. "Well, Zander is my charge, they just happened to be together at the time."
     A muscle in Ephraim's jaw twitched. "Fine, you're dismissed," Peter vanished into thin air, his shirt still hanging over the couch. He turned to Jasen, "As for you, tell Father that if he wants something, to talk to me, not pester my charge."
     Jasen laughed. "Why don't you tell him yourself?" And then he was gone. Zander's grip on my shoulder had tightened since Ephraim arrived.
     Ephraim turned to us as if he hadn't noticed us there. "You two, we need to talk."
     Zander tensed, and in the back of my head, a warning alarm was going off. "We were actually in the middle of something."
     "And? I kind of view this as more important than you and Jasmine making out."
     My face flushed. Zander's did too, but his was mixed with anger. "Get out of my house."
     Ephraim ignored him. "You're not hurt are you, Jasmine?" He placed his hand on my face, his wings folding against his back.
     Judging by the way Zander's fingers curled into my shoulder, he wanted to hit Ephraim's hand. "I'm fine, he didn't touch me. Peter handled it."
     He dropped his hand. "Good, now what we needed to talk about. You guys need to be close to either me or Peter at all times."
     Zander stopped him. "Why?"
     "Because, you might have been killed if Peter hadn't checked up on you. He's going to transfer to Ridgewood so you guys can stay closer together. Jasmine, try not to go off by yourself too much."
     I glared at him. "I am not a child, I know not to wander off on my own."
     Zander spoke before Ephraim could apologize, "I'll make sure she doesn't go off alone. I'll stay with her." There was another flash of light, and I could have sworn that Ephraim muttered, "That's convincing," Before vanishing.   


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