Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 72
Summertime Majestic

Summertime Majestic

Lazy days and choppy waves
Upon a copper sea,
A breezy,stiff,warm westerly
Is blowing down on me.
Sunlight reflects on wavelets
The clouds are cotton wool
And the seagulls hang in squadron lines
Over oysters in the pool.
Road signs judder in the breeze
Wind ripples in long grass,
The mangroves bend in unison
Hot asphalt bakes like glass.
The lazy summer saunters in
Suprising us with heat,
The pretty girls wear tiny shorts
Which school boys find so neat.
Pohutukawas bursting forth
In waves of scarlet red
Which juxtapose dark olive greens
Of leafage in each bed.
A sky of brilliant powder blue
There’s salt spray in the air,
And swimmers splash in gales of fun
Gold sunshine in their hair.







Hot barbecue is sizzling,
Pork chops are smelling great
With sausages done crispy,
A healthy salad for my mate.
There’s loads of bread and butter,
Tomato ketchup too
And some cold and dewey beers
From the fridge… For me and you.
Summertime majestic
The abundance of the land,
The overflowing pleasure of it all
Is just so grand.
The black sand along the beaches,
The thunder of the surf,
Bikini girls and barking dogs
And hedge hogs in the turf.
It’s summertime New Zealand
The country at it’s best
When the winter weary Kiwis
Have their well earned Christmas rest.

Mangere Bridge
2nd December 2008




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