An Angel's Job
Author: Lyndsay Noemia

Chapter 20
The Truth Part Two

    "What?" I breathed.
    Ephraim offered a weak smile. "Well, in a matter of speaking, it was his time to die. My father sent his demons after him, in his sleep. This caused those horrible dreams, but it wasn't enough for my father to send his demons during Zander's sleep. He sent Jasen to start trying to hurt him in person, but that quickly ended.
    "I killed him, but the thing about demons and angels is you can't kill them. Not forever, anyway. Then, Zander found out who I was. When he found out that Lucifer was my father, he abjured me. So I left him alone, and Peter guarded him until the danger fled. Now I guard you, and when I succeed, I'll be human. As for Lilith, there isn't anything to say."
    "Oh, hell yes there is."
    "What do you want to know?"
    I took a deep breath. "Well, is she human?"
    "What is she then?"
    He looked away. "It's really hard to explain. She's been described as a succubus, though."
    "A what?"
    "An enchantress, she feeds off the energy of whoever she.. um.." He started turning red.
    "Um what?"
    He still wouldn't look at me. "She has sex with them."
    "And I thought celebrities had messed up relationships," He looked fiercely at me. "Just saying."
    He grabbed his jacket quickly. "Well, that's all I have to say. You can refuse my help, or embrace it."
    "Will I get hurt?" I could hear the fear in my voice.
    "Not if I have anything to do with it." And then he was gone. I sat down on my bed, and turned my iPod on. For some reason, something felt sadder about the atmosphere. My homework was sitting on my desk, so my brain began to focus on school, rather than absorbing what Ephraim had just told me. My cell phone began vibrating loudly against my desk. As soon as the name appeared a smile spread across my face.
    "Hey," said.
    The smile was audible in his voice, "Hey, Jazz. I was wondering if you want to come over later? We won't talk about Ephraim, I swear."
    "That sounds really nice actually. And besides, Ephraim already told me the truth." The last part came out in a rush.
    "Oh, well, that's really good news. You aren't freaked out or anything are you?"
    "No," I answered honestly, "So what time do you want me to come over?"
    Zander brightened, "How about thirty minutes?"
    "That works. See you later." I closed the phone, and went to comb my hair. James clomped up the hallway then, stopping me.
    "I'm going to Zander's in about thirty minutes."
    "Okay, but be home before dark." Well, that was unexpected. I wasn't going to argue, though. After getting ready, and pulling on a black jacket, I went to Zander's house. There was a note on the door, just like there had been on Ephraim's. The scene in front of me flashed back to that moment, but then stopped. My mind stomped all thoughts of Ephraim out of my mind with tremendous effort.
    There was a rhythmic sound, soft and slow, emanating from the back yard. Zander was laying on his back in the grass, hands behind his head. "Hey, Jazz," He said, barely looking away from the sky.
    "Mind if I join you?" I asked, making my way towards him. He smiled and sat up. The music was coming from an iPod dock. It was "I Knew You'd Never Fly" by Eye Alaska.
    "So is there anything you wanted to talk about?" I asked after we were laying down in the grass.
    "No, I just love seeing you." Rain started drizzling. "Come on, let's go inside and.. talk." His coy smile indicated that we weren't going to be talking. Zander took hold of my hand, then lead me into the house, to his basement. "Quieter here," He said. "You want to watch a movie?"
    "I was looking forward to talking."
    He smiled again. "We can do both." He pulled a movie off the shelf. "How about 'Crazy Eights'?" I nodded, so he turned the lights off, and put the movie in. There was a small bed facing the television, and a couch. "I was going to suggest the bed, but that seems a little inappropriate."
     We both laughed and made ourselves comfortable on the couch. The movie opened to Jennifer giving a college lecture. That was probably all Zander and I watched. My fingers tangled in Zander's hair, his hands on the small of my back. Then, there was a knock on the door to the basement. Zander pulled away and sighed. "Yeah, Mom?"
      A familiar face came into view. "It's not mommy, Zander."


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